Millie Bobby Brown just made the 'butterfly-tail' the season's prettiest statement style

Forget the butterfly cut, we're onto the butterfly pony

Editor / July 04 2022

If you're anything like us, even the addition of a simple ribbon in your hair makes you feel like the picture of sophistication. Firstly, because it looks cute, sure, but honestly, mostly because it proves that you're together enough to have the time to not only style your hair, but accessorise it. Talk about overachieving!

But as she has done with so many things before (such as achieving icon status at the age of 18), Millie Bobby Brown has put us all to shame. And she's done so in a very chic manner; with butterfly barrettes no less.

Because while yes, the butterfly haircut is taking off, and sure, the 'butterfly ponytail' has technically meant something before (previously describing the tactic of building a literal butterfly shape out of your actual hair), the stunning Stranger Things star has now created a brand new statement style that looks impossibly intricate and yet is surprisingly simple to recreate at home.

Said style? The new and improved butterfly-tail, of course! Showcasing an array of multicoloured butterfly decals cascading down a beach-waved pony, the look is basically the ethereal updo version of a mullet: business in the front and party (AKA butterflies) in the back.




So if you're searching for a crafty new trend to try, or simply want to ensure passersby do a double take to assess the work of art that is your ponytail, this is definitely one to add to the roster.

It's extremely wearable, too, considering it looks like a pretty classic sleek pony from the front. It offers all the practicality of a pony while still dialling the drama up to, well, eleven (we had to). Kudos to Brown's hair stylist Pete Burkill for executing such balanced perfection; working with an accessory like this one could go from chic to childish real fast if not handled with care, after all.


As we mentioned, the great news is that despite the fact it looks like something out of an A Midsummer Night's Dream-themed fashion campaign, the look is quite cheap (and simple) to sample.

All you'll really need (once your flawless pony is in place, of course) is a set of butterfly barrettes (which yes, do differ from the 'butterfly clips' also making a nostalgic resurgence). At this point, we're going to go ahead and assume everything we were going wild for during our young years is fair fashion-forward game.

Said barrettes sure won't set you back much; a multi-pack like the Boao Butterfly Hair Barrettes Set ($27.31 at Amazon) is great value and blessedly features some of the same pink, blue and purple tones as Brown's look.

Boao Butterfly Hair Clips

Once you're stocked up on supplies, simply clip the critters into place wherever you see fit. Personal preference (and ponytail length) will obviously influence the amount you're wanting to apply, but we're definitely on team 'more is more' considering you want the vibe to be more 'statement runway hairstyle' and less 'literal child wearing a single butterfly barrette'.

Brown certainly didn't scrimp with her style; we counted at least 15 butterflies. So go forth and build a butterfly sanctuary onto your strands; subtle is the opposite of what we're going for here!

Main image credit: @busterknight

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