The absolutely bizarre primer behind Missy Elliott’s sweat-proof makeup

Missy Elliott’s Makeup Artist Reveals The Old-School Primer She Uses For Sweat-Proof Beauty Looks

You can’t argue with results…

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / September 03 2019

Besides her epic voice and catchy lyrics, hip hop queen Missy Elliott is known for her INSANE dance moves.

Seriously, have you seen the woman do her thing?

Yep, when it comes to performing, Missy is a ‘go hard or go home’ kinda gal. And we’d be willing to make a bet that those dance moves, paired with the heat from stage lights, could cause quite a sweaty situation – which, as we all know, ain’t conducive to getting makeup to stay on your face! Somehow though, Missy always looks fab when she’s performing.

So, we were VERY intrigued when Missy's makeup artist, Alexandra Butler, revealed the key products behind her beauty looks in an interview with Refinery 29, including a rather unusual primer

The product in question is known as milk of magnesia and is commonly sold over the counter in pharmacies for – ahem – constipation relief. 

Phillip's, Genuine Milk of Magnesia

…Say what?!

Okay, yeah, it’s weird, but you might want to hear us out on this one ‘cause there are some very good reasons behind why Butler uses the product.

Beauty lore has it that milk of magnesia makes the perfect primer thanks to its oil-absorbing, shine-reducing and pore tightening properties… making it kind of ideal for getting makeup to stay put when you need it to! Who woulda thunk it?  

Even better, it’s very economical and costs just around $10 for a large bottle.

As it turns out, Butler isn’t the first MUA to use it as a makeup primer. In fact, a heap of makeup professionals are said to swear by the stuff, including Kylie Jenner’s makeup artist Hrush Achemyan.

So if you’ve yet to find your Holy Grail primer for when you seriously need your makeup to stay put, it may be worth looking into a little milk of magnesia…

If you’re looking for more tips on getting your makeup to last longer, you might want to tune into the below episode of our Get Lippy podcast where we dished out all of our best tips:

Would you be game to try this priming method? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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