4 beauty hacks to try tomorrow morning

Quick tricks that will get you out the door faster

Beauty Crew Editor / May 25 2017

Whatever the reason, we all need a little extra push to get out the door feeling great about ourselves while saving some precious time, so the Beauty Crew team has put together their morning beauty hacks for your inner lazy girl. 

#1 A quick morning cleanse

“I like to give my skin a really good wash each evening to get rid of the day’s makeup and grime. Then each morning, I use micellar water, like NIVEA Daily Essentials 3 in 1 Cleansing Water, to quickly cleanse my skin. Not only is it a great time saver, but it also makes my skin feel fresh, sufficiently cleansed and perfectly hydrated to layer my skin care on top.” – Alex Noonan, Content Director

#2 Two-minute waves

“To streamline my morning routine, before I go to bed I like to curl my hair into tight ringlets with a tong (Cloud Nine The Wand works great here), without brushing the style out with a comb afterwards. The result? Perfectly tousled waves when the morning comes – all I need to do is to re-part my hair and give it a quick once-over with a boar-bristle brush. Bonus: this also guarantees an extra twenty minutes of sleep-in time, crucial for anyone that’s not a morning person.” – Iantha Yu, Beauty Editor 

TOP TIP: If you need extra volume at the roots, use a dry shampoo or texturising spray in the morning.

#3 Moisturise without extra effort

“If I’m cutting corners, it’s usually skipping moisturising my body – a terrible decision during the colder months, I know. So I’ve started incorporating NIVEA In-Shower Smooth Body Lotion into my shower routine to make sure that I practice what I preach and keep my skin hydrated. After I’ve used my body wash, I quickly massage this nourishing lotion in, and rinse it off. It feels like I’ve just done a speedy double-cleanse, but I’ve actually ticked the moisturising box. It also means I can get dressed as soon as I’ve dried off and I don’t have to worry about a) waiting for my body lotion to sink in or b) struggling to get tights or jeans on.” – Carli Alman, Editor


#4 Fix up your foundation shade and finish

“When I’m pressed for time, I add a drop of illuminator and a pea-sized amount of moisturiser into my summer foundation. This means I can skip the illuminating step while getting a moisturising boost. Plus as the moisturiser lightens the tone of the foundation, it means I don’t have to fork out money to purchase another shade in winter.” – Brittany Lane, Contributing News and Social Editor

TOP TIP: When using this trick, start with small amounts of your illuminator or moisturiser and add as needed to make sure you can customise the shade and finish perfectly.

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