The most-Googled beauty questions of 2018

It turns out people were *really* into lashes

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / December 13 2018

Guys, what the heck would we do without Google? It’s almost second nature to turn to the white bar for each and every question life throws our way. And for beauty addicts like us, we find ourselves hopping on to Google for everything from makeup tips to skin care solutions and (easy) ways to style our hair.

So when Google recently released its top trending beauty topics for 2018, we were intrigued to say the least! And it turns out people were *really* into all things eyelashes this year. Like, obsessed.

Check out the full list below:

#10/ What concealer to use?

Picking a concealer is a fickle thing, and the Internet knows it. But it’s one of THE most important products every woman should have in her makeup kit (just ask Global Artistry Director for NARS, Uzo), so you want to get it right. If you have also wanted to know the answer to this question, here are a few of our favourite concealers for covering dark circles, plus our top tips on choosing the right shade.

#9/ How to fix cakey makeup?

Thick, noticeable makeup is not a good time. We’ve all had those moments when we look in the mirror in the morning and think our foundation is on point, only to realise later that it’s completely cakey and overdone. The answer? Google. (Or just come directly to us, because we have these excellent tips on how to get a flawless base that lasts all day long).

#8/ How to glue down eyebrows?

So, this one set off some major alarm bells. Um, we don’t recommend reaching for glue to keep your brows in place, but there are a heap of awesome brow gels out there that will keep those bad boys in place all day. Without glue. Just check out some of our faves here.

#7/ How to apply aloe vera?

Folks were particularly curious about how you should apply aloe vera this year – perhaps a little too much time in the sun was to blame?! This all-natural ingredient has long been regarded as a great ingredient for healing and moisturising skin (a summer without aloe vera gel is not a thing). What we didn’t realise, however, was how helpful the plant could be for treating other skin issues until Drew Barrymore shared her hack for using it to get rid of redness and irritation. It might be worth adding this power plant to your garden!

#6/ How to take off makeup without makeup wipes?

We’ve all had those moments when we go to remove our makeup, open our bathroom cabinet and discover we’re all out of wipes. Luckily, there are lots of other options out there so you never have to go to sleep with a face full of makeup. If you find yourself stuck without makeup wipes OR micellar water (talk about having a bad day!), just look to your pantry because coconut oil can save you in a pinch.

#5/ How to do a cat eye?

Who doesn’t love a sexy cat eye flick? It’s arguably the best way to up your eye makeup. Only problem is, it can be SUPER hard to master. Especially when you’re in a rush. If you want to find out the easiest way to do a winged eyeliner look, check out our top three tips for the best flick of your life

#4/ What hair colour looks best on me?

Having the right hair colour makes such a big difference to your beauty look, so you’re going to want to make sure you get it right. If you’re keen to switch up your hair colour but you’re not sure which hue will suit you, we’ve got you covered. Check out the surprising colour that actually suits *everyone*

#3/ How to remove individual eyelashes?

While there’s so much out there about applying falsies, people actually wanted to know how to remove them. Our answer?  When your night comes to an end, we recommend using a cotton bud that’s soaked with an oil-free makeup remover along your lash line to remove your lashes slowly and gently. 

#2/ What is a lash lift?

Ringing in at number two, people wanted the lowdown on lash lifts. Allow us to clear things up. Basically, it’s like a perm and a tint for your lashes, giving them curl, separation and a root lift – and the results can last for two months. A lash lift is one of the easiest ways to open up your eyes and look fresh and defined without a slick of makeup – the perfect treatment comes summer!  

#1/ How to apply magnetic lashes?

Coming in at number one, the top-searched beauty question of the year was about magnetic lashes. If you’ve been anywhere near the Internet over the past year, we guarantee you’ve come across magnetic lashes. The hype was REAL and people were all over it - but applying magnetic lashes turned out to be no easy feat. And there is actually a bit of a trick to it. To save all your imminent searching, check out our handy beginner’s guide to applying magnetic lashes. You’re welcome!

Got a niggling beauty question of your own? We’ve got the answers to some of the most common beauty questions here.

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