Everybody is using this new body cream to fight acne on their face

Lucy Hale

You *need* to see these results!

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / July 12 2019

We love a good multitasking product just as much as the next beauty junkie, but this new body cream is taking things to another level.

And we’re impressed. 

You may have spied it on Instagram as of late – it’s called BANGN Body. Heard of it? It's a new Australian-made vegan body lotion that not only smells like absolute *heaven*, but it also promises to smooth out all those annoying lumps and bumps on your legs and body for smoother, softer skin.

But while this little yellow tube is meant to be used as a body cream, people on Instagram are now raving about how amazing it works as an acne cream, praising it for clearing their breakout-prone skin. And this is where it gets interesting. Just check out these before and after pics:

Impressive right?

There’s more…It’s not only receiving glowing reviews for clearing acne, but also stretch marks, redness and scarring, too:

People are clearly LOVING it. Internationally it’s currently selling one tube every 30 minutes. Not bad for a little Aussie brand that’s only be around for four months, huh?

Anyone else completely sold? Because we sure are! 

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Have you tried BANGN Body before? Let us know in the comment section below.

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