7 ways to beat a headache naturally

Before you reach for pills, try these natural remedies

Better Homes and Gardens Better Homes and Gardens Beauty and Lifestyle Editor / March 12 2018

Throbbing, stabbing, blinding, crushing, hellacious... these are a few of the words we commonly use to describe a headache – plus others we choose not to repeat! Headaches strike for all kinds of reasons, and usually when you can least afford the downtime. So, when the first telltale signs appear, go into immediate damage control with these non-drug fixes. They might do the trick while helping you identify underlying reasons.

What makes it ache?

That awful feeling comes on when the tissues and nerves surrounding the brain become irritated or inflamed by a ‘trigger’ and begin to spasm or contract over the skull. People have different triggers, but the most common are either physical or mental, sometimes self-induced. Check yourself for the following:

- Hunger, thirst, dehydration
- Eye strain – staring too long at screens, needing a new eyewear prescription
- Hangover – too much alcohol and not enough water can lead to dehydration and a killer headache
- Poor posture at work, at 
home or while driving.
- Jaw clenching, dental problems
- Stress, anxiety, depression
- Monosodium glutamate sensitivity (MSG) - MSG is a flavour enhancer used in cooking and many processed foods
- Sinus infection, allergies
- Insufficient sleep
- Hormonal fluctuations
- Medication overuse - continually relying on either prescription 
or OTC meds to control acute headaches can result in the drugs becoming less effective over time and lead to ‘rebound’ headaches creating a catch 22 situation.


Inhale essential oils

Try peppermint, rosemary, lavender or eucalyptus essential oils. Breathe in slowly and deeply.


Sip ginger tea

To make your own, add two to four tablespoons of grated ginger to three cups of boiling water and simmer for 20 minutes. If you need sweetness, add a little raw honey to your cup.


Sniff... carefully!

Mix one-quarter of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper with two tablespoons of warm water. Dip a cotton bud in the solution and dab just inside each nostril.


Drink water to zap it

Dehydration will bring on a headache in double time. Restore your hydration levels by sipping on water for the rest of the day.


Ease your hunger

Hunger could be the reason behind your headache. Try protein, wholegrains and healthy fats before reaching for sweets.


Soothe with heat

Increase blood flow to constricted areas such 
as neck and shoulders.
 A hot water bottle or microwaveable wheat-filled pack are great.


Step outside

Fresh air and a change of pace and scenery can work wonders.

Another way to help relieve your headache is by stretching - try this stretch sequence daily to reduce headache tension.

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What's your preferred natural treatment for getting rid of a headache? 

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