The tiny products that help tackle skin dryness while you sleep

Neutrogena Sleeping Mask Pod Reviews

The Review Crew® share their verdict on these hydrating sleeping masks

Beauty Crew Editor / June 07 2018

The products

If you often feel that a good masking session is something you simply don’t have the luxury of time for, then it’s time you got acquainted with sleeping masks – a concentrated formulation you apply at the end of your nighttime skin care routine and leave on overnight. While on the surface it may seem like you’re just applying a night cream, don’t be fooled. Sleeping masks tend to offer a more intense hit of hydration and can help deliver ingredients deeper below the surface of your skin. 

Neutrogena® has come to the party with not one, but two kinds of sleeping masks to help tackle dehydration and dryness. First there’s the Hydro Boost® Sleeping Mask, a creamy formulation infused with hyaluronic acid to nurture dry skin overnight; and then there’s the Youthful Boost Sleeping Mask, which contains adenosine and shea butter to help fight the signs of ageing.

The panel

Beauty Crew sent these two sleeping masks to two panels of women who were looking to treat their dry skin to an intense boost of hydration. A panel of women aged between 25 and 30 received the Hydro Boost® Sleeping Mask, while another panel of reviewers aged between 35 and 60 received the Youthful Boost Sleeping Mask. 

The lowdown

Here’s what the Review Crew® loved about the Neutrogena® Hydro Boost® Sleeping Mask and Youthful Boost Sleeping Mask

How much product was in each pod: Although described as being a one-use pod, testers were pleased to discover that there was plenty of the Sleeping Mask formula in each of the containers, giving them the opportunity to try it on multiple occasions. Reviewers also mentioned they loved the convenience of the small packaging, especially when it came to travel – though some did mention they would like to see a resealable function to allow for maximum freshness of the product if used over a few days.

The convenience of the product: Some testers commented that they rarely use face masks as they don’t have the time to let the mask sit and do its work then rinse it off, so the Sleeping Mask was a great solution for them. They found the fact that they could apply the mask, go to sleep, and then rinse in the morning a more convenient way to treat their dry skin. 

How their skin felt in the morning: Overall, Review Crew® testers were pleased to find that they woke up to skin that felt smoother, softer and more supple, with some members commenting that the Sleeping Mask had completely eliminated all feelings of dryness. 

Good to know: A few of the testers found that if they didn’t allow the Sleeping Mask to absorb for a few minutes before bed, it would transfer onto their pillow. Some panel members recommended applying the mask a good while before bed to allow for better absorption, while others suggested laying down a towel over your pillowcase. 

The verdict

“I found that after using a generous layer for a couple of evenings, my skin in the morning was definitely hydrated.”
Review Crew® member
“I’ve had trouble with dry skin for some time now, so it’s been great to find such a quick fix.”
Review Crew® member
“The next morning my skin looked great, rehydrated, plump and soft.”
Review Crew® member

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The products for this Review Crew® have been provided by Neutrogena to Pacific Magazines’ BEAUTYcrew for the purpose of trial and review by BEAUTY crew members.

*This average star rating is based on 25 reviews for Neutrogena® Hydro Boost® Sleeping Mask and 19 reviews for Neutrogena® Youthful Boost Sleeping Mask and is correct as of 7/6/2018

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