Nicole Richie’s unexpected pimple treatment

With skin that flawless, we’d say it’s worth a try

Beauty Crew Contributor / September 28 2017

No one is immune to the odd blemish every now and again. And when one does rear its ugly head, one of the last things you would think to do is to apply moisturiser on top of an already oily pimple. Surprisingly, this is exactly what reality star, designer and the latest face of Urban Decay, Nicole Richie does.

While an expected go-to pimple treatment would be something that’s going to dry the spot out, (like Gigi Hadid’s toothpaste hack), Nicole’s trick involves doing the exact opposite. “Now I heard, and I tend to believe this, that if you dry out a pimple, it sends a message to your skin that it needs to produce more oil,” she told E! News. “So, what you actually should do is moisturise and do what you’re normally doing and then it balances out and goes away.”

E! News also spoke to celebrity dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe who confirmed the bizarre trick. “It seems counterintuitive to cleanse your oily skin with oil. However, it is actually one of the best ways to remove the excess makeup, sebum and build-up on your face without stripping the skin,” Bowe says.

And with skin as flawless as Nicole Richie’s, we’d say this one is definitely worth a try. For more on the benefits of using oil on your skin, see our guide to double cleansing.

Have you tried using moisturiser as a pimple treatment? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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