Orlando Pita’s guide to an at-home blow-dry

TRESemmé’s NYFW Hair Director shares his secrets

Beauty Crew Editor / April 11 2016

Despite the simplicity of the finish, a shiny blow-dry tends to be one of the trickier hairstyles to achieve at home.

Considering that’s the exact look Orlando Pita, TRESemmé Hair Director for NYFW, created for Carolina Herrera A/W 16, we figured he was the perfect person to ask how to recreate, as he called it, the “Young, Uptown girl” look.


Start with mousse

Because you don’t want your blow dry to sit too flat against your head, apply some TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Seam Foam into wet hair and comb it through. This will help give you that lift at the roots when blow-drying.

TOP TIP: Create a centre part with a comb when your hair is wet, but then use your fingers to flick a few strands around so the part isn’t a harsh straight line.


Use a paddle brush

Yes, most hairdressers will use a round brush to blow-dry your hair. Even Orlando and his team used them to create the sleek finish for the runway show, but the hair expert is also conscious of the fact that it’s hard for most women to maneuver the twisting and movement required with a round brush.

He says, “I think for me to say use a round brush is difficult for most women to use, so use a paddle brush instead.” 

In using your paddle brush to blow dry, use small sections, and start from the root – lifting it slightly – to blow-dry down. The key is ensuring that the bristles are facing out and that you bend the brush in slightly as you reach the end. Skipping the curve inwards at the end will leave your hair too straight.

You should also pay attention to the direction you’re blow-drying – aiming your hairdryer down, and not out, will give you that glossy finish.


Smooth down with a straightener

Those who have bleach in their hair, from balayage to a full head of highlights, will need to run a straightener over their hair to smooth down any kinks.

“Hair that’s bleached never gets smooth enough for the perfect blow-dry, so you’ll need to go over it to smooth it out,” says Orlando.

Just make sure not undo any of the volume you created at your roots, or the curve at the bottom.


Finish with a touch of spray

Even though you’re after a smooth finish, Orlando doesn’t recommend a smoothing cream or serum at the ends, as this can make your hair look too “product-y”, and the goal is for it to look clean, healthy and smooth.

So to finish off the look, spray some TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Ultra Brushable Hairspray into the palms of your hand and gently run them over your part to deal with any frizziness at your roots.

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