3 professional body treatments put to the test

We trial the latest cutting edge services

Beauty Crew Contributing Editor / May 25 2017

When it comes to our bodies, most of us suffer through stubborn cellulite that just won’t budge or desire to have more toned, taut skin from head to toe but can’t quite seem to make that dream a reality with at-home products alone. Often the best solution is a professional treatment that works deeper and delivers more effective results, in a fraction of the time.

To help you find the right treatment for your top body care concerns, we road-tested the latest cutting edge body treatments to find out how well they work. Here’s our verdict on each. 

You want a flatter tummy

We tried: SculpSure Hyperthermic Laser

What is it? Like liposuction without surgery. This new laser technology targets stubborn fat (think love handles) by warming to a toasty 47 degrees. “The SculpSure wavelength penetrates deeply into the fat layer,” says registered nurse Sandra Sostres. “The fat cells get eliminated through the body’s metabolic pathway.”

What happens? A frame is fitted across my lower abs then four big laser heads are slotted in. For two minutes they feel ice cold then deeply warm. For 25 minutes you’ll alternate between heat (for five seconds) then cold.

Does it hurt? The heat is bearable. Think PMT cramps or a post-gym ab session.

Does it work? Straight after my tummy feels tender and swollen. But after six weeks I’ve dropped from wearing size 10 pants to a size 8.

Best for? Those who are already fairly fit but still frustrated by stubborn pockets of fat.

How much does it cost? One area costs from $500-$1000.

Try it: www.cynosureaustralia.com 

You want a smoother chest

We tried: Ultherapy

What is it? A type of ultrasound that stimulates collagen and elastin to repair and tighten skin.

What happened? At an initial consult, my skin is assessed and some “before” pics are taken. An hour before the treatment I apply numbing cream, which tingles, then, I lay on a treatment table while the clinician carefully goes over the area with a “transducer” that shoots ultrasound waves deep into my dermis –up to 4.5mm. The amount of stimulation you receive depends on the condition of your skin. “Each person is different and some may have more damage than others,” explains Jenner Ching Mei Chan, Clinical Director of CMC clinic in Sydney. “Ultratherapy works by correcting the quality of your collagen so you have less wrinkles and tighter skin.” The décolleté can be done in 30 minutes but if you have your face done too it can take up to four hours, so be prepared for that. The more you have, the better the results.

Does it hurt? It’s pretty unpleasant. As each shot is given it feels like a hot laser is piercing your skin. I’m glad I’ve got numbing cream on!

Does it work? Yes, it’s amazing! As the collagen in the deep layers has had time to do its thing my skin definitely looks and feels tighter.

Best for? Crepey skin that’ lost some laxity.

How much does it cost? Starts at $700 for a brow lift and can cost up to $4500 to treat the whole face.

Try it: www.ultherapy.com.au

You want firmer thighs

We tried: Body Catalyst Treatment

What is it? A cellulite treatment combining three technologies. “Cellulite is essentially fat that has permeated through weak skin tissue,” explains Samantha Barakat Light, founder of Body Catalyst. “We use a combination of three treatments to break down and eliminate fat, and stop the re-permeation of fat cells.” By sending ultrasound to the fat cells, 3D Cavitation claims to disintegrate them into liquid fatty acids that are excreted by the body. Radio Frequency is a heating technology, designed to boost your collagen and elastin, while Dermology utilises a suction device to boost lymphatic drainage.

What happens? After an in-depth chat about my body and goals, I’m measured and photographed. I lie face down and the ultrasound head is passed over my thighs in a massage motion. Next, the Radio Frequency machine head is passed over my thighs and finally the Dermology vacuum suction cup is moved up my thighs for a few minutes. The first session takes about 90 minutes all up.

Does it hurt? No. The suction machine is a little ouchy at times but nothing major.

Does it work? Immediately afterwards my thighs felt tighter and smoother and there’s a teeny bit of redness. After two treatments my skin is still smooth and taut, and after four weeks I’ve lost three centimetres from each thigh.

Best for? Any area with more than three centimetres of fat. For most women, tummy, thighs or buttocks.

How much does it cost? You need a series of treatments (up to eight) to reduce the superficial fat and for the production of collagen and elastin to strengthen the skin. Eight treatments cost $2790.

Try it: www.cynosureaustralia.com

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