Pamela Anderson uses a thong as a scrunchie

An emergencies only updo

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / February 13 2023

Searches for Pamela Anderson’s signature ‘90s messy bun were at an all time high in 2022. 

Thanks to the release of Pam and Tommy, TikTok became a flood zone for Pamela Anderson messy bun tutorials.

While the TV mini series didn’t receive Anderson’s stamp of approval, it gave the actress the opportunity to tell her side of things in Pamela, a love story​​… including her secret to the perfect updo

Whilst promoting the documentary the blonde bombshell shared that the key to an authentic ‘90s messy bun can be found in most people’s underwear drawer (or in her case, her handbag).  

“Don’t know why I have a G-string in my purse, but don’t tell me that you don’t have a scrunchie,” she confessed to British Vogue’s In The Bag

“This is the trick of the trade,” she said as she flexed and folded the pink piece of lingerie.

After slipping her hand through the leg holes, she wrapped the makeshift hair scrunchie around the base of her ponytail, and pulled her hair into an effortless messy bun. 

“We’re really flashing back to the ‘90s,” she teased. “The tousled updo always had a pair of panties in them.”

Want to keep your intimates and hair accessories separate? Try Bella Hadid’s updo tutorial — she doesn’t even use a hair elastic. 

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