Priyanka Chopra just gave Kim Kardashian’s long hair a run for her money

Priyanka Chopra hair

Long hair, don’t care

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / October 23 2018

Priyanka Chopra has just won best hair and Kim Kardashian is going to be *SO* upset. 

The actress showed up to the JBL Fest in Las Vegas with quite possibly the longest, shiniest, glossiest, most-enviable Kim Kardashian-esque hair EVER. And she nailed it.

While she was attending the music event to introduce Pitbull, her hair completely stole the spotlight because she looked like an actual mermaid. Sorry, Pitbull.

See! Is it making anyone else want to grow out their lob?!

Her poker straight locks were worn parted down the middle, showcasing the ombré of absolute dreams. Her warm coppery highlights started around the mid-lengths, growing in intensity towards her ends.

While we would love to believe her lengthy locks are the real deal, they’re actually the result of hair extensions. How do we know? Well, just a few hours before strutting her stuff on the red carpet, Priyanka shared a snap on Instagram showing off her long, but not that long hair.

Regardless of her hair being real or fake, we’re getting a strong urge to grow out our hair. There’s definitely been enough inspiration going around. Priyanka and Kim Kardashian aren’t the first celebs to rock crazy-long hair extensions. Jennifer Lopez has been showing off some practically floor-grazing numbers all year, and of course, who could forget Kylie Jenner’s next-level 21st birthday extensions.


But we gotta say, Priyanka’s red carpet hair look would have to be one of our favourites yet!

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Do you prefer Priyanka with long hair or short hair? Let us know in the comment section below.

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