PSA: Priyanka Chopra always does her own brows

Priyanka Chopra brows

Um, can she please share a tutorial?!

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / October 04 2018

Word on the street has it that Priyanka Chopra won’t let her makeup artist touch her brows. Like, ever. And seeing as her brows are always looking shmick, we’re *super* impressed at Priyanka’s makeup skills and would like her to teach us all of her tricks, ASAP.

In celebration of National Brow Day, Priyanka’s go-to makeup artist Pati Dubroff shared an image of the star, who is pictured looking into a mirror and filling in those goddamn gorgeous brows (also, that makeup look!).

Dubroff captioned the post, “Best Brows in the Biz #priyankachopra #NationalBrowDay 📷 & #makeupbypati (except the brows, she takes care of that).” 

Yep, that last bit caught our attention, too. And here we were thinking those fabulous brows were courtesy of a pro!

In a recent video for Harper’s Bazaar, Priyanka said, “Eyebrows I do myself. I change my eyebrows according to whatever character I want. I just think you can completely change your face because your eyebrows frame your face.”

Priyanka’s full brows are perhaps one of her most defining features, and we reckon they’re some of the best brows around. They always look polished and defined, yet still look like she hasn’t done a single thing to them. 

While Dubroff’s Instagram snap doesn’t give anything away in terms of the exact products Priyanka uses on her brows, during an interview with InStyle US, Priyanka shared that she’s a big fan of Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush No. 7 for brushing up her brows (it looks like the closest you can get in Sephora Australia is Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush No. 12), and Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Medium Brown for filling in any sparse areas.

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