Alpha-H Balancing Moisturiser and Gentle Exfoliant

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Alpha-H Balancing Moisturiser and Gentle Exfoliant is a fast absorbing moisturiser which assists in the natural renewal and refinement of skin texture. The formula contains 10 per cent glycolic acid to exfoliate and brighten the skin and hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture for continuous hydration. The appearance of fine lines and scarring is diminished while age spots and pigmentation fade away.


Alpha-H Balancing Moisturiser and Gentle Exfoliant


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I've been a big fan of Alpha-H for a while now, and I just wish beautycrew had more of their products on here so I could give them gushing heartfelt reviews. Thanks tothe glycolic and hylauronic acid, this cream ticks all the boxes for me. It is a nice consistency which absorbs nicely into the skin, and doesn't cause my sensitive skin any irritation or breakouts. I use this product every other night, and I have noticed an improvement in the texture of my skin.
I have tried a few Alpha-H products, and this one often makes a reappearance in my routine (I have commitment issues, I am always looking for something even better). The Alpha-H Balancing Moisturiser and Gentle Exfoliant is a rather lightweight cream, that glides effortlessly over skin and absorbs quickly.   With hyaluronic acid to hydrate skin and glycolic acid to exfoliate and brighten, it is like a one-two punch to combat dull, lifeless skin and target pigmentation and scarring.  I have used this product on and off for around 3 2 years now, and it is always my go to when I am looking to brighten my skin, lighten some marks left over from nasty blemishes and improve skin texture. I do experience a tingly/ prickly sensation when applied, but it quickly subsides. I would however recommend that anyone with sensitive skin does a test of this product first as I could imagine that it may cause some discomfort. 
Alpha-H Balancing Moisturiser and Gentle Exfoliant has a wonderful texture and really light on the skin. There is no heavy residue and it absorbs really well. I’m a fan of the Alpha-H Liquid Gold so wasn’t surprised that I loved this product as well. Definitely a great product to have in my skin care regime.
This moisturiser is great. I love the idea of chemical exfoliation, it really seems to be helping my skin out.  I have oily, acne prone skin. Most moisturisers feel greasy and heavy on my face, but this sinks right in. It makes my face feel soft and refreshed, while giving my skin the hydration it needs.  I often change up my moisturiser, but I think I will buy this again after I've tried others I've purchased. 
It's a white cream that feels lightweight and nourishing on the skin. It absorbs beautifully and doesn't have a strong scent, so you should be ok with it if you don't like fragranced products. What I love about it is that my skin just looks brighter and more radiant whenever I apply it. It also feels firmer and smoother, so for this reason it's a great product to use under makeup. Also, while the description says it's for oily/combination skin, my skin is dry and this works wonders for me in terms of hydration, so don't discount it if your skin is like mine because it may work for you too. I also feel that it has a clarifying effect, and at least temporarily diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I prefer to use this as a day cream because of its impact on how my skin looks, but if you used it twice-daily you may well see faster results. It's also worth noting that a little goes a long way so my tub always lasts a long time.In sum, I can't fault this product and I'll definitely keep repurchasing it
I cannot write enough praise for the Alpha-H Balancing Moisturiser and Gentle Exfoliant as it deserves. What a fantastic product! As a sensitive, dehydrated skin sufferer, this moisturiser is not only gentle and doesn't cause irritation, it also doesn't leave your skin feeling tight afterwards. It is easily spreadable and doesn't sit too heavy on your skin. Within a few minutes, you won't even know you have it on. The packaging of all Alpha H products is so chic and the smells are even better; subtle yet pleasing. I also love how a little goes a long way, meaning it lasts you forever. Definitely a product I reach for time and time again.
Summer,and the silly season has officially begun,so we all know what THAT means...wax those legs,de-fuzz the pits,get into gym bunny mode and get that skin out of  it's winter time hibernation....but with the plethora of lotions / potions / creams out there (swearing you'll have the face of a  in a 20 something in a split nanosecond if you use them),what actually delivers ? Enter Alpha H....a brand i have adored for some time now,and one i use regularly to keep this 40 something visage looking clear and a lot less "tired". This offering form Alpha H is a truly refreshing,hardworking,antioxidant lotion,that helps hydrate and detoxify skin,whilst tackling blemishes (yes,once a month,right on schedule,i get the odd one),skin imperfections (dark spots are starting to appear,and i am NOT a huge fan) and helping control oil production,thanks to it's addition of a massively active 10% glycolic acid,(a staple in all Alpha H products,that enhances cellular reveal the fresh,new,younger skin beneath the surface),whilst Hyaluronic acid (another of the absolute powerhouses in skincare that holds a massive amount of water compared to it;s own molecular weight.What does this mean ? a small amount of this holds an awful lot more moisture,to plump and hydrate your skin) and vitamin E penetrate deep into the epidermis to hydrate and plump the skin, whilst antioxidant green tea extract helps shield the skin against the damage caused by free radical nasties and other environmental stresses...not to mention soothing and calming Aloe Vera (to soothe skin if you find the glycolic a little "prickly" ). I have used this for a few months now,and love the light,yet hydrating texture,the ease with which it absorbs (a few minutes after applying,you can apply a sunscreen and makeup with no heavy residue at all) and the subtle,clean scent that this emits (fresh and clean,not perfumed and heavy). I have definitely found the results to be on par with my beloved Liquid Gold,and use this at night (daytime,not so much,unless i am not wandering around in the sun) when i am not using that aforementioned jewel in my beauty crown.I will be honest and say this...this is a very,VERY active product,one that you WILL feel working,and as such,may not be for everyone (if you are the type that claims to be "allergic to everything" or "super sensitive",even with products that are mostly water,then don't even look at this....this is not for you.If,however,a tingling sensation that abates quickly is something you can do for the best skin ever,then i cannot tell you how much you need to get this and give it a truly is a product for almost any skin concern you have (lines,pimples,dark spots,blotchiness,dryness and oiliness) Now,i realise that at around $60 for a 50ml jar,this is not the cheapest purchase you can make,BUT,it is a multi-tasking replaces a night cream,neck cream and exfoliant,and last for many,many weeks (even with twice daily use),so it works out to be a lot less exxy than you may initially think.PLUS,this jar is is an airtight "pump" top jar.that keeps  germy fingers out and the integrity of the cream in - so no contamination. TIP:Use this at night,every few nights at first,to build up a tolerance to the glycolic.Work up to every night when you are able,to reveal truly gorgeous,fresh,new skin.And it goes without saying...sunscreen,sunscreen,sunscreen.
Absolutely love Alpha H and love this product.  I only use it at night as it doesn't have an SPF.  I use it on alternate nights to Liquid Gold and I love how smooth my skin feels in the morning.  It is the perfect consistency.  Light weight yet still moisturizing and it soaks in so easily.  Such a great product for combination skin.  Clarifies the T zone and moisturizes without clogging pores.  A winner.
Active ingredients are an important part of skincare products as they are designed for specific results.  One of the best ingredients I have come to love is glycolic acid.  While the name sounds like it would be painful, glycolic acid is actually quite tame compared to lots of other ingredients which can have unpleasant side effects but it packs a punch in terms of effectiveness.  After I tried their liquid gold toner and was amazed by how well it worked, I naturally tried other products in their range.  I thought the combination of moisturiser plus exfoliator in one was very interesting and despite having my doubts I was won over instantly.   Like other products in their range, this contains 10% glycolic acid.  Glycolic acid helps slough away dead skin cells, increases cell turnover, helps brighten your skin while lightening any pigmentation or scars you may have on your face.  The good thing about this moisturiser is that you are getting so many benefits in one product.  You are adding moisture back into your skin that's creamy yet feels light.  The glycolic acid keeps your skin youthful and looking radiant more and more everyday.  I would recommend when first trying the product out to do a patch test as some may find the percentage of glycolic acid to be too strong.   If this is your first product with glycolic acid it would be better to start off with a smaller amount and then work your way up so your skin gets acclimated to the ingredient.  I didn't have any tingling or burning sensation when using it and found that this worked wonders for my overall appearance.  The Hyaluronic acid helped plump and firm my skin while the glycolic acid made my pores less noticeable.  The lines and wrinkles on my face didn't go away completely but they weren't as pronounced.  Just touching my face I could feel how soft and smooth my skin had become. It was as though my skin had come back from a facial. The pigmentation on my face faded quite well and became less noticeable within several weeks.  I would wear this in the morning and sometimes at night (but just remember to wear SPF if you do wear it in the morning as glycolic acid can make your skin much more sensitive to sun exposure).  If you find that it's too much for your skin, use it several times a week instead of everyday to prevent irritation and redness.   Overall I found this to be a great product to have as part of my skincare routine.  It saves having to buy a separate moisturiser and exfoliator! For those with oily skin, it helps mattify the skin while reducing the size of pores.  For those with acne prone skin, it reduces the size of blemishes while also preventing future breakouts to a certain extent.  For those with dull skin, it helps with brightening and giving your skin a youthful, fresh glow.  For the anti ageing/dry skin crowd, not only does it give your skin moisture but it helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles by softening them out.  As you can see the product works well for just about every skin type and has so many amazing benefits.  The price is expensive considering it's only 30ml but I find that if it gives you the results that you want then it's worth it.   Benefits: -Helps soften, smooth and firm the skin -Increases cell turnover  -Keeps skin hydrated without feeling greasy or heavy -Brightens the skin -Reduces the appearance of pigmentation, lines and wrinkles  Tip: I like to use it as a makeup primer to keep my skin and makeup looking great 
If you haven’t jumped on the Alpha-H bandwagon yet, you are missing out my friend. They are an Australian owned company that is cruelty-free and use the most beautiful ingredients in their products.   The first product I tried was Liquid Gold, which has developed somewhat of a cult following in recent years.It isn’t listed on BeautyCrew yet, but if you are looking for a glycolic acid resurfacing treatment then I highly recommend looking into it. Since discovering how effective Liquid Gold is, I have been trialling different Alpha-H products and I have now converted pretty much my entire skincare regime.   This moisturiser aims to hydrate the skin whilst providing gentle exfoliation, which improves the appearance of fine lines, scarring, age spots, and pigmentation. The key ingredients that provide these results include: -       Glycolic acid: exfoliates and brightens skin. -       Hyaluronic acid: locks in moisture and hydrates skin. -       Antioxidants: protect skin from environmental pollutants.   The moisturiser is super lightweight, absorbs quickly, and feels beautiful on the skin. It does not leave behind any unwanted greasy/tacky feeling, and it performs well underneath makeup. Like most products containing glycolic acid, it does cause a brief tingling sensation once applied to the skin, but it is not uncomfortable and the longer I have used this product the less noticeable it is. For reference, I have sensitive skin but have had no issues using this product every night.However, if glycolic acid irritates your skin this product probably isn’t suitable for you as it is rather strong at 10 per cent.   The results of this product are great. The glycolic acid speeds up cell turnover and helps to tighten and brighten the skin whilst controlling excess oil. My pores are less noticeable, fine lines are reduced, the texture of my skin is much more even, and the hyperpigmentation I have from hormonal acne is slowly but surely beginning to fade. Since using this product, I feel like my skin gets less oily but at the same has more of a natural glow-from-within.   Although I love the results of this product, I have reduced my rating to 4 out of 5 stars because of the pricetag ($62 for 50ml) and because it does not contain any SPF protection (which is a must as the product increases sun sensitivity). But if you can afford the splurge, I honestly could not recommend this product enough. Based on my own skin, I would say this product is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. But if you are concerned there are smaller travel sized options you can purchase to try to moisturiser before buying it full size. (The travel size product is shown in the above photo, whereas the full-size product has a super cute push-down container that effectively dispenses and stores the moisturiser).   PROS: lightweight, absorbs quickly, no unwanted residue, suitable for all skin types, effective. CONS: pricey, no SPF protection.
I am a self confessed Alpha H addict and this product is an all in one essential in my daily skin regime. it is light weight and can be used morning and/or night. i like to use it at night as you can 'feel' the product going to work. It gently gets rid of dead skin (think tiny gentle tingly feeling) and moisturisers at the same time (means no dry patches)! Pro: product delivers EXACTLY what it says it promises Con: a bit on the expensive side BUT it is worth every cent Tip: use sparingly - a little of the product goes a long way!
I love makeup and releasing my inner creative makeup artist, but I know that in order to have great looking makeup, I need to start with the best base possible, which means having the right skin care routine, and luckily I love skin care almost as much as makeup, so being fanatical day and night about my skincare regime comes so easily to me.  I am a huge long time fan of Alpha-H, liquid gold has to be one of the best night time treatments I've ever come across, and a staple in my bathroom. When I saw this moisturiser and gentle exfoliant in one, I was definitely intrigued, it was something I'd never seen, and Alpha-H are one of those great brands that are always coming out with new innovations in skin care that you didn't know you needed until you use it, and then you can't live without it, so I ordered it in my next adore beauty package, and eagerly awaited it's arrival. The day I got it was exciting, nothing better than getting a parcel of beauty goodies in the post. I double cleansed, applied my Sunday Riley serum then massaged a small amount of the new Alpha-H moisturiser into my face and neck. It absorbed quickly, which is always good for me, and it tingled a bit as the glycolic acid started activating and working it's exfoliating and smoothing magic. The results were smooth, soft and radiant skin, thanks to the hyaluronic acid, which is the best anti-ageing ingredient there is, and I had to also apply SPF 50+ sunscreen, as the packaging said my skin would now be a bit more sensitive to the day time sunshine. I've only given it four stars because I have mixed feelings about this particular product. I love that it's Alpha-H, Australian made and owned, no testing on animals, affordable, effective and iconic, and the product did sink into my skin quickly and give me a nice glow, but even though the package said to expect a slight tingling because of the 10% glycolic acid, for my sensitive skin, it was a bit too much tingling and it made me go a bit red and dry in places. My recommendation is to not use it every day, and certainly not twice a day, if you have sensitive skin like me, because it will make you red and dry and the tingling gets a bit on the painful side. I still adore Alpha-H and recommend their products for being affordable, effective, iconic, innovative and not testing on animals, but some of their products, like this moisturiser, is not recommended for sensitive skin. If that's not you, then I definitely recommend this for the exfoliating action and glow it imparts on skin, but sensitive skinned girls out there, be wary and if you do choose to use, maybe every other day or once a week, as a chemical exfoliation is still way better than manual. I think I would class this as a weekly treatment, not an every day moisturiser. I still love you Alpha-H and will continue to use and cherish your products in my heart and routine.
I am a huge Alpha H fan and this product just cements my love for their products. I have combination skin and do suffer the occasional breakout and suffer with large pores so exfoliation is important to me. Within a week of using this exfoliating moisturiser I noticed a major difference in the texture and softness of my skin, Being an exfoliant and moisturiser I was a little concerned it might strip my skins oils and leave my face dry but it did the complete opposite. It helped to eliminate unwanted oil but maintain a healthy dew to my skin. My pores look smaller and clean and I've noticed some pigmentation on my skin has started to fade. It's easy to apply, no different from any moisturiser and absorbs quickly into the skin. As with any product that exfoliates with glycolic acid you MUST WEAR SPF during the day. That is my only recommendation with using this product. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for that extra glow in dull skin and who suffers slight pigmentation or large pores. It's a game changer in skin care. Love it.
When it comes to moisturisers I am very picky about what I put on my face.  Having oily/combination skin the last thing you want to do is put something even more oily or thick on top.  Personally, face creams can't just be ordinary, they really have to have something extra to help combat all the other myriad of problems my skin faces.  Or else I would have to use several different types of creams and serums for each issue and that would be time consuming and costly.  As a fan of their popular liquid gold toner, this was recommended to me to help with my problematic skin, so buying it felt like a no brainer.   The Alpha-H Balancing Moisturiser is lightweight so my skin doesn't feel clogged or weighed down and yet at the same time works to exfoliate and brighten my skin. Come morning, my skin has a healthy glow and looks much more even.  The star of the moisturiser is the glycolic acid which is probably one of my favourite skincare ingredients because it works so quickly and you can see results right away.  It helps with sloughing off dead skin cells which in turn helps with lightening pigmentation and scars, increasing the brightness in your face, improving the texture of your skin as well as making lines and wrinkles less pronounced.   When I first used it I could feel just a slight tingling on my face but nothing uncomfortable.  It was good to know that it was working! I would use it right before bed every night and as time went on my skin would improve more and more.  I find that it really balances out my skin: my face doesn't produce as much oil, it has completely changed the texture of my face from rough and bumpy to soft and smooth.  Glycolic acid won't dry out your skin so it has all the best benefits without any adverse effects.  But just for the added boost of hydration, the moisturiser also contains hyaluronic acid to visibly plump and hydrate the skin.   Tips: - I like to use it before applying my makeup.  It adds that bit of moisture while also keeping my shine free. - It can be used day or night but make sure to use SPF if you do wear it in the morning as glycolic acid can make your skin sensitive to sunlight  Pros: -Lightweight on the skin -Easily absorbed -Doesn't leave any residue behind -Great for all skin types, especially those with oily, combination and problematic skin -Exfoliates the skin for brightness and even skin tone -Hydrates the skin while also combating lines and wrinkles  -Pores are less noticeable as well as blackheads 
Not very often am I taken aback and surprised by a moisturiser. My skin gets easily congested so I have to be extra careful what day/night cream I use. I have a few "safe" ones but am always tempted to try out something new. The Alpha-H moisturiser I received in the Parcel and the description sounded like a perfect match for me. And it indeed is a match made in heaven.The idea of this cream is simple - to hydrate and provide subtle exfoliation as well as protect from free radicals. This is a great anti-aging cream with a huge bonus- fights against blemishes. What's inside? - glycolic acid to exfoliate. From what I notice, my skin is in love with glycolic acid and it shows its more beautiful side every time I include a product containing this ingredient. The cream gently exfoliates revealing the smoother, softer skin, the texture becomes more even. It also helps to produce more collagen and hydrate the skin so it looks plump and youthful. - antioxidants (mainly vitamins)- they are crucial in anti aging skincare, especially here in Australia where the sun doesn't really go down. Antioxidants are like tiny soldiers protecting the skin from all the environmental nasties. -hyaluronic acid- for more hydration, to make the skin look healthy and glowy. Of course there are more ingredients but these are my favourite ones. What about the results? The formula is perfect, and when I say perfect, I mean perfect. It's lighweight, not greasy at all, applies like a dream and if one decides to use it underneath makeup, it is a great make up primer indeed, it won't ball up. If you want to use it at night it is comfortable to "wear" on the face too as it doesn't feel heavy or doesn't leave any film on the face. There is a tingling sensation, or actually more cooling feeling and I personally love it but those whose skin is sensitive to menthol might need to be careful. I must say that cooling effect is a blessing especially in that hot Australian weather. It gives my skin that extra boost, but also feels refreshing and very relaxing. I am a tiny bit disappointed there is no SPF but you can't have it all. Without that SPF it makes a perfect night cream. I am also angry at myself that I hadn't tried it out earlier. It feels like a custom made moisturiser for me. I love all the ingredients in it, I enjoy the texture, it doesn't clog my pores which is quite extraordinary, it makes them clear as it helps to get rid of impurities. It makes my skin soft and smooth, the glow appears after the very first use. I believe this cream will be appreciated by most skin types but those with combo/oily skin should really give it a go. Together with Alpha- H Liquid Gold they are my power rangers against wrinkles and blemishes. Good job Alpha H!
I received this product in the Marie Clare Ageless parcel and I have to say I really like it!  At first I only used it at night and would only need a small amount as it spreads all over the face really easily, and as everyone else has mentioned you do get this nice tingling feeling from it! I noticed that my skin was already getting smoother after a few days, as well as my skin tone becoming more even (I have quite pigmented skin with some minor acne scarring). So now I use it morning and night and I love it! It absorbs really quickly as well which is important for me because I'm always in a rush in the mornings.  It is a bit pricey however for a quality product I think it is worth it. Definitely would recommend to friends who are wanting to clear and brighten their skin! 
I love that you can 'feel' that the product is working! My skin feels soft and smooth once the tingling sensation has stopped.  Only downside is that I cannot apply over my eyes which is something I look for when buying a moisturiser.
I use this once per week for exfoliation, its easy to apply and its really great that it moisturises at the same time! It has faded my ages spots which is amazing as I have tried quite a few products to fade them without success. Highly recommended!
The 10% glycolic acid content in this moisturiser is great for pigmentation issues and acne scars. It's surprisingly absorbent and keeps my face moisturised and soft all day.
Amazing blend of hydration and exfoliation Alpha H is a great Australian brand with products i loved in the past such as the Alpha H Liquid Gold. This moisture balance cream is an innovative mix between intense hydration and exfoliation that is unique to anything I have tried before. This cream has glycolic acid which is a chemical exfoliant that aids cell renewal and improves skin texture. On application this cream has a slight tingle which i enjoy, this is the glycolic acid working. I use this at night and wake up with luminous, soft and hydrated skin thanks  to the hyaluronic acid present in this moisturiser. Pros Mulit tasking product Hydrating and nourishing  Powerhouse of nutrients for the skin Beautiful texture that absorbs easily Cons On the pricier side (but worth it) Overall, this moisturiser packs a punch and is definitely worth the investment. I will 100% repurchase.