Australis 10HR Wear Eyeliner Pencil

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Australis 10HR Wear Eyeliner Pencil is an eyeliner pencil that acts like a liquid liner. It is easy to blend shortly after application and delivers even, waterproof colour payoff. The formula glides on effortlessly in one easy stroke and is long-lasting.

Available in three shades.


Australis 10HR Wear Eyeliner Pencil


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I tried all three colours of this eyeliner as they were all so different and I was intrigued about the '10 hour wear' claim. I really like them! One of my only complaints is that they don't come in more shades! Whilst I haven't tested how long they stay on the skin and maintain their vibrancy for in total, I find that this product definitely has enough staying power for a night out. If I forget to remove it properly I find that it is still in place the next morning, although I do find that it shows a little bit of wear over the day/night and will smudge if you accidentally rub your eyes for some reason. I find that if I've been crying (with laughter of course) that this product tends to hold well and doesn't run, but might smudge a bit during tear removal. I'm a dancer, and have found that this product is durable enough to last through my energetic dance performances. Application of this product is very easy and I find that it will just glide on. I've also been known to use this product in place of eye shadow if I'm caught unprepared or am in a rush, so they're quite versatile if you're like me and tend to improvise on occasion. They can be used in this way because they are so easy to blend directly after application, so you can make them as dark or as subtle as you need to suit the look you're going for. I find that this product is also quite easy to remove with make up remover, although I find it harder to remove than darker products, probably because any residue is more obvious than darker colours amongst my lashes and against the skin. I have found that I can't feel that I'm wearing this product as it doesn't cake, flake or itch so it is very comfortable to have on. When sharpening I've found it's essential to use a relatively new sharpener, as they won't sharpen well and will be blunt or will break while you're trying to regain the point to the pencil if you're using an older sharpener. I also find this product to be quite affordable compared to some of the similar competitor products, but it wears just as well as other products I've tried. This makes it a good alternative to more expensive products if you don't want to spend too much but still want a vibrant and dramatic eye liner that isn't a boring colour.