Revlon ColorStay Micro™ Easy Precision Liquid Liner

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Revlon ColorStay Micro™ Easy Precision Liquid Liner is an eye liner made with high intensity formula that glides on smoothly with ease, delivering maximum levels of pigment for intense one-stroke payoff. The tapered ergonomic handle allows for an easy-to-use and controlled application. The formula has a 24-hour wear claim for quick-drying lines that stay on without smudging and fading. As well as this, it is waterproof, smudge-proof, sweat-proof, transfer-proof and fadeproof.


Revlon ColorStay Micro™ Easy Precision Liquid Liner


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Easy to use

I bought this the Revlon ColorStay Micro™ Easy Precision Liquid Liner recently, and it has quickly become my new favourite eyeliner. The ultra-fine tip allows for precise application, making it incredibly easy to create a variety of looks, from a subtle thin line to a bold cat-eye. The formula is highly pigmented, delivering intense color in just one swipe. What I love most about this liner is its long-lasting power. It stays put all day without smudging or smearing. The tip is also easy to control, providing a smooth and even application every time. If you're in search of a reliable liquid liner that offers precision and staying power, this one is a must-try!

Great liner

I wear make up regularly, the one I struggle with the most is is with eyeliner. I recently bought this Revlon ColorStay Micro™ Easy Precision Liquid Liner and I’m absolutely happy with it. It’s affordable and it does and amazing job. With this I can draw a cat eye without messing up the line. The line is always very precise and it’s well pigmented. After wearing for over 8 hours it doesn’t bleed, it’s transfer proof and sweat proof. It stays on until I remove with make up wipes. I absolutely reccomend this Revlon ColorStay Micro™ Easy Precision Liquid Liner
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A Must-Have Eyeliner with Precision and Longevity

Revlon ColorStay Micro Easy Precision Liquid Liner is a game-changer for makeup enthusiasts. The ultra-fine 0.1mm tip allows for effortless and accurate lining, while the high-pigment, 24-hour formula ensures all-day wear without smudging, transferring, or fading. The sleek packaging is not only easy to hold but also eco-friendly, with minimal excess material. This eyeliner's waterproof, smudge-proof, transfer-proof, and sweat-proof formula stays put throughout the day, regardless of the weather or your activities. The Revlon ColorStay Micro Easy Precision Liquid Liner is not only a great quality product but also comes at an affordable price, easily comparing to professional brand eyeliners for a fraction of the cost. Don't let the visually unappealing packaging deter you; the performance of the product speaks for itself. Highly recommended for those seeking a long-lasting, precise, and affordable eyeliner!
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Loved it!

I would highly recommend this liner! It ticked all the boxes that I usually look for in a liquid liner. On first impressions, it was packaged well and the branding is quite sleek. Opening the lid I noticed how fine the tip was, which I loved! It was very easy to apply and having the micro tip means it was easy to build up and get the perfect shape. My biggest concern usually is with dry time as I have hooded eyelids, I need a liner that doesn't take too long to dry. Within a few moments it was budge proof! It lasted all day with no smudging or flaking at all. It was also very easy to remove as I usually use a make up wipe and cleaner and I had no concerns at the end of the day taking it off. This liner is definitely a part of my everyday make up now!
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Waterproof and non transferable

Came in best minimum packaging, no extra cardboard or paper. When it comes to lasting capacity, the best I have had ever used. I have tried many drugstores and high end brands but I kid you not the liner is non transferable which is my basic concern and is waterproof too. The colour is jet black which stands out the best. A little shiney but you can put translucent powder on it to make it subtle. Only thing I would like to change is the felt tip, found it a little on the firmer side, other than that a perfect liner even for the beginners. Would give 4.5 just because fo the tip.
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Very easy to use liquid liner!

I am usually not a fan of liquid liners due to them usually being harder to use and apply, however this one is a game changer!! It is very easy to use, it glides on very easily without having to use much pressure at all it just glides across so gently on the eye lid. It is very pigmented as well so one line is plenty, you definitely dont have go go back and do another layer or fix parts that might not be as dark. It also dries very quickly so its great if you are using this infront of a mirror, and moving your eyelid around alot. You definitely dont have to worry about it transferring when you blink or smudging it onto your upper lid. If the tip was a little bit thinner, to allow for a super thin liner that would of been great. However that is the downside of this product. I would recommend this to my friends, and i could imagine the price point would be similar to other chemist branded eyeliners and would be quite affordable in the market. Love it!!
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As someone who has used various types of eyeliner over the years, I can confidently say this liquid eyeliner is one of the best options available in the market. It is a game-changer when it comes to achieving the perfect cat-eye or winged eyeliner look. Great if you can't do touch ups throughout the day! Main points: - you can easily create a clean and sharp line that can be adjusted - long-lasting: beautiful and flawless look all day - Doesn't smudge or fade its especially useful for those who work long days or who need their makeup to last. Definitely life proof and a great product. I will be buying again
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Pleasantly surprised!

At first I was unsure as to how I would like the Revlon Liquid Liner as usually go for a pen tip rather than brush tip. However, I was very impressed! The formula is fab, it dries quickly, does not smudge or transfer on to the eyelod and lasted all day. The tip is very thin at the end which makes it ideal for the perfect wing. The formula definitely is comparable to higher end brands I have tried, especially due to the longevity and pigment and would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to try a new liquid eyeliner!
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Not bad, but not for me

The brush is really thin and precise and the liner flows perfectly making it easy to apply. It’s densely pigmented. However, for me it’s a no as I have very oily eyelids and hooded lids so it did transfer on my upper eyelid and “crumbs” fell down onto my cheekbones during the day. Having said that I have not found a liner that doesn’t do that on me, even the stila stay all day and the kvd ones don’t work for me, so I don’t think this is a bad product necessarily, I just think liquid eyeliner might not be for me 😩
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Top product

Great product exceptionally easy to use and it lasts ages. I usually don't use liquid eye-liner But this product is so good, The fine brush makes it easier to apply and it looks great. It lasted all day without having to reapply no smudges or runs it also dries really quickly I had a few comments from random people on how good my eyes looked. I will definitely buy another one I have already recommended this product to my friends and a few random people I look forward to using it daily as part of make up supplies It's been a great addition
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Great affordable liquid liner

First of all, thank you BEAUTYcrew for letting me trial this product. Right of the bat, the formula for the Revlon Colorstay Micro is sensational and performs just as well, or even better than some of the luxury liquid liners out in the market. The affordable price point is also another reason why I would re-purchase this product. The application is a smooth, matte finish and dries quickly as well. I also can't fault of the pigmentation, it was a rich, black shade. I was even more surprised at how smudge-proof the Revlon liquid liner is.
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I recently tried the Revlon Colorstay Micro Easy Precision Liquid Liner, now let me tell you how great it is. The best liquid eyeliner!!! I am not one to usually use liquid eyeliner as I tend to make a mess with uneven lines. Though this product has been great with the thin tip, and clear instructions on how to use it. The thin tip has made it really easy to apply and i would highly recommend it for a beginner. The colour is perfect and it is very long lasting! It has become an almost everyday day wear. I will definitely buy this product again.
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Delicate and easy to use

I was very pleasantly surprised by this product as it performed way better that some of the more expensive alternatives I have in my make up case. The precision tip is ultra fine and makes it easy to get a fine, clean line. The brush was a little rigid at first but improved with use. This product also has excellent staying power, didn’t run or crack but was easy to remove at the end of the day. Overall I was really impressed and think this is a great option for neat, quick eyeliner that is at a very reasonable price.
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Value for money, easy to use, stunning results!

I recently trialled this eyeliner and it is a breeze to use! Be careful though, the liquid flows quite quick and if you press too hard you get a thick, dark, hard to budge line! A gentle touch gives you beautiful, fine lines ready for a natural look or an artistic masterpiece! The colour is dark and opaque straight away. No multiple layers needed here with risk of going off track! I dont wear makeup daily since having a toddler keeping me busy, but I found it quick and easy to apply for a special night out or even for work. You could definitely get away with this everyday! I could achieve a bit of a smokey eye look, blending with my eyeshadow and a winged look is so easy with the pointy, felt tip pen type end. The most annoying thing is removing it! Definitely long lasting and i needed a couple of swipes with makeup remover to get clean. A little goes a long way and this will last me a while! Definitely good value for money and a beautiful product. No eye irritation either for my sensitive lids. Perfect!
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The thinnest liner I've ever seen!

I don't think anyone has not struggled with trying to get that perfect fine line when it comes to liquid liners! Not joking at all when I say the Revlon ColorStay Micro Easy Precision Liquid Liner has the THINNEST liner I've ever seen! The applicator barely looks like a pencil tip, that's how thin it is (it's got a 0.1mm micro tip!)! I also found the liner to be incredibly pigmented (I tested out the darkest shade - Blackout) and within a few minutes, absolutely did not budge at all. If anything, it took quite a bit of effort to remove at the end of the night, using an oil-based cleanser and some warm water. It's immediately become my go to, esp when I want a nice fine tip =)
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Exactly the liquid liner I've been looking for

I am the opposite of an eye makeup fanatic, I have smallish eyes and eye shadow just never seems to look right on me. So when I need to look more polished I go for a winged eyeliner. However, I am also quite terrible at applying and end up building each winged design to match the other eye, sometimes until it looks ridiculous. I was so pleased with this Revlon Liquid Liner, the small tip of the brush means even novices like me can get the winged design right! The colour is exactly the deep black I like and I was so surprised at its longevity during my day - I am a habitual eye rubber and therefore not always friends with eyeliner. This one stayed on! I was happy to have to double-cleanse it off at the end of the day, I'd much rather do that and have a make-up look that stayed on. Five stars from me, impressive product and it will be a stalwart in my makeup collection from now on.
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Lasts through a night of dancing

What a great eye liner! So easy to apply and it’s super versatile because the tip is so fine so you can leave it nice and subtle or build it up to be as dramatic as you like. The liquid liner itself is so smooth and intensely pigmented. I experienced zero smudging and it lasted all night long, even after a cheeky dance on a night out. It’s so hard to find a great liquid liner that isn’t insanely hard to use or leaves you looking like a panda by 10pm and I’m so happy to have found this one. I was very impressed with the price point and value for money. I have quite sensitive eyes and usually putting heavy eye makeup on leaves me with bloodshot eyes that only some eye drops will fix (which obviously puts the makeup in jeopardy and defeats the point!) but I didn’t find this to be irritating at all. I’ll definitely be buying this liner again and I’ve let all of my friends know to look out for this one next time they’re in the market for a great liquid liner.
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Good liner

Love this. The packaging it came in was perfect. No excess packaging or rubbish. There was a little it of plastic around it but I believe that is necessary to ensure it is obvious if the product has been opened by someone else. The liner felt great to hold in my hand and the application was okay. It was not the most difficult but it was not easy. It lasted most of the day with only little bits falling off or smudging. I love the colour. It isn't too much or not enough. You can clearly see you have eye liner on but I didn't look like a clown. It was a bit challenging getting it off though. I usually get my makeup off with my face wash but all it seemed to do was smudge it. I had to use makeup remover and redo my face wash. This is annoying cause I really hate using makeup remover as it leaves my skin feeling gross and oily.
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Visually not appealing but lasts a long time!

The formula is great and lasts a long time on my lids. I have dry and sensitive skin and I had no complications with it. I also did not need a second coat for the liner. The liner stayed on for ages as well. I did not time the experience but I also haven’t had the issue of eyeliner wearing down throughout the day! I am more used to using a different style of liner so the packaging was the only disappointing thing about the product. It looks so bland and boring. If the packaging was more visually appealing I feel like this could become more popular. Don’t get me wrong this product is great but coming from a merchandising and design point of view I’m not sure if this will be eye catching for people that want to try something new. I don’t think I would buy. I am more used to a pen liner shape and I feel like I could definitely loose the liner since it’s not eye catching enough. The shape and colour is definitely a type of product that if I left it on my table I wouldn’t even notice it. I doubt I would reuse the product. It applies well but just not me.
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I'm incredibly fussy when it comes to eyeliner, or maybe it's that I have had rotten luck. I was pleasantly surprised with the Revlon ColorStay Micro™ Easy Precision Liquid Liner. The formula of this eyeliner is exceptional. If I had done a blind test, I would have price-marked it much higher. I love when a product is not just good but is affordable. It glides on ever so smooth, with a matte finish, providing the perfect amount of pigmentation. She didn't smudge (which was one of my main concerns), and for someone who is quite terrible at applying liquid eyeliner, it did a far better job than liners I've used previously.