Australis About That Base Lip Primer

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Australis About That Base Lip Primer is a lip primer that can be used under lipstick to create a smooth, transparent base and help lip colour last longer. The formula is enriched with vitamin E, jojoba and shea butter to moisturise lips and can be used on its own as a conditioning lip treatment. Suitable for sensitive skin. Vegan friendly.


Australis About That Base Lip Primer


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This is a great, affordable lip primer!  I've used it on loads of occasions now, including day-long weddings, and my it's kept my lipstick in place and looking great all day!  I've found that my lipstick fades much less quickly with this, and I can eat and drink without worrying. It also keeps my lips feeling moisturised throughout the day. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a cheap, super effective lip primer!
I use this primer over a balm after I've exfoliated my lips to prepare them for any matte products that could be drying and it works wonderfully! It smoothes out the surface so well And also feels great on lips! Makes the application so much easier and less daunting! Nothing is worse than matte products on dry flakey lips, but with this product used in with proper lip care that won't happen!