Australis AC On Tour Cream Contouring & Highlighting Palette

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Australis AC On Tour Cream Contouring & Highlighting Palette is a makeup palette with six cream shades to contour and highlight the face. Comes with step-by-step instructions on how to contour and highlight. 

Available in two shades.


Australis AC On Tour Cream Contouring & Highlighting Palette


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This is a great drug store contour palette. The colours all blend out really nicely and are easy to apply.  I learnt how to contour with this as it comes with an instruction card that shows different ways to contour which is awesome to have.  They are all super creamy and can be blended with both a brush and a beauty blender. 
I got this about a month ago in the light shade. I'm more into skin care than makeup so contouring was pretty out of my skill range,though I was already okay with the highlighting. This handy kit comes with 6 shades,3 for highlighting, 3 for contouring. It is packaged in a sleek black rectangle with a huge handy mirror inside. On the back is the best part of all-simple,easy to follow instructions on where to contour and highlight!  This kit was so simple to use,even for a beginner like me. I found a couple of the darker shades were a bit muddy and dark for me but with a bit of further blending the end result impressed me!  Expert like contouring first attempt! Quite surprised.  Such great value and so portable you can take it anywhere with you to apply makeup like a pro wherever you go. Such fun to use and has definitely got me more into using extra makeup each day. Simple and quick to use with fantastic results. Highly recommend to anyone beginning contouring and highlighting. This kit has it all and is such a bargain buy!
This cream contour palette is affordable and really good. I bought this when I wanted to start dabbling in the type of contouring that you see on social media. It has great coverage, is thick but quite blendable. Having this product with me on my contouring journey has been awesome.
I have this kit in both cream and powder. I really prefer the cream kit and am glad they released it. The kit comes in light, medium and dark. I have extremely light skin which tends to be pink alot of the time and i can get away with using both the light and medium kit without it looking silly on me. The kit comes with 6 different shades, the bottom 3 shades are great for across the forehead and cheeks and the top 3 are great for highlighting. I also prefer using oe of the top 2 shades for contouring my nose as i find it looks a bit silly on me if i use one of the darker shades. I apply this cream after my foundation and it blends in really well. I have been able to use a contour blending brush and a beauty blender and both blend the product seamlessly. The only issues is that when trying to build up the color it can get very cakey looking. If this happens try and use a serum to blend it out a bit more.  PROS cheap - great value Available at chemists. beauty shops and safeway/coles great range of shades in one kit - dont need to buy multiple kits CONS a little bit hard to build up color  would i buy again? Yep, and would recommend for those who want to try contouring out but don't want to fork out $50+ for a kit - this dose the job but you don't feel bad if you screw up and end up washing all the product off! 
This is the product I bought when I wanted to start contouring and highlighting. It was recommended to me by my sister and it was a decent palette to start out with when I wasn’t sure what colours would work on my skin. With this palette you have the opportunity to try out all the colours and see what works for you. However, once you’ve figured out what shade is appropriate for your skin colour you are then left with 4 unnecessary pans that hardly get used and generally seem like a waste of money. My sister and I used to swap palettes when each of us was done because we both used different colours. When I first bought this the options were divided into light, medium and dark, but lately they’ve taken a different approach making two palettes instead; a cool and warm palette. The one I have is the original light palette which didn’t seem to have colours allocated to specific complexions and the coloursall came off quite orangey. In fact the lightest shade was too light to be used as a contour, but was the only one I could use because it was the least orange.The other two colours were completely unusable because they gave me this unnatural and unflattering look. Perhaps the newer palettes would work better,but you are still going to be left with many pans within the palette untouched because the palettes are made to encompass all skin tones from light to dark.Of the three highlight colours the yellow, banana colour was the only one which was effective (and I use the word mildly) as the other two were basically concealers and would be too dark on light skin tones. The creams themselves are relatively blendable. They are quite thick so they need a bit of warming up and then you need to apply and blend quickly before it sets. I would recommend doing this before you use your foundation, because there is nothing worse than trying to blend out a dried product and then moving around your foundation and turning your face into a patchy mess.. As well, if you apply foundation afterwards you can correct and tone down any heavy handed mistakes. If you end up using only one colour of the highlight and contour each, it generally lasts about 6 weeks if you use it every day. I have given this 3 stars because if you’re quick you can blend it well, it’s cheaper than a lot similar products on the market and I know for a lot people it works great on their complexion. However,there isn’t a great variety in colours and it seems pointless to have all unnecessary colours unless you’re a makeup artist.
Love this product, the cream texture blends in well with my skin, as opposed to powders that can look cakey!  Leaves a nice natural glow. Only this is I find myself only needing to use a couple of the colours that suit my skin tone, so the others stay mostly unused.
I was excited to use this product as I had seen it used in some makeup tutorials! The price is fantastic I cannot fault them on that, and the step by step guides on the back are great for us beginners. The darker colours I found upon application were quite pigmented so I think it is best to use a big fluffy blending brush and use product sparingly to avoid them looking muddy!  It wore nicely throughout the day with a finishing powder over the top! Will continue using this palette especially when I have a tan in summer as it complements me nicely then. Great drugstore option, would recommend to anyone with a small budget wanting to experiment x .