Australis Browz It Eyebrow Perfecting Kit

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Australis Browz It Eyebrow Perfecting Kit is a brow kit with two brow powders, brow wax, tweezers and a double-ended applicator. The brow wax helps fix brows in place, whilst smoothing and creating a solid look and base for the powder to adhere to. The brow powders can be used to create your preferred shade and then applied to the brow for a natural finish. Comes with step-by-step instructions on the back of the kit.


Australis Browz It Eyebrow Perfecting Kit


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This is a great budget friendly product that achieves great results. A whole eyebrow perfecting kit in one, such great value for money as this comes at a super economical price. I love the brow wax for fixing my brows in place as they often tend to go 'rogue' and with this wax they stay in place all day looking sleek. the accompanying brow powders come in two shades so you get your ideal colour match and adhere to the brows with ease with the great double sided sponge tip applicators to achieve a matte professional finish, the powder is superfine and does not 'cake', its blendable with great pigmentation. This little kit comes with instructions so super easy to use and small enough for any makeup bag for touch ups and I love the added bonus of little tweezers for 'stray' hairs. The little mirror is a great addition, they thought of everything. This little kit is a wonderful surprise and I highly recommend it for gorgeous brows
Overall, I think this is a good kit. The powders are perfect for shaping the brows, so if you're looking for nice brow powder so would recommend this. Pros:  -handy mirror -powders have great pigmentation and are blendable -shades are good for darker brows Cons: Tweezers are not the easiest to pluck out brow hairs with -applicator is too thick on one side and a little flimsy on the other side (but still usable) -the wax is too red toned for my brows and can be too chunky and pigmented in spots
This is the easiest Brow Kit I've had to use. I love the case and that it comes with little tweezers and a good mirror - it makes it perfect to throw into your purse/handbag. The quality of the powder and wax is perfect. It goes on so easily and is super pigmented. The wax is just amazing and makes my eyebrows stay perfect all day. Not to mention it lasts FOREVER, haven't even hit the pan yet and I use it every single day.  I don't think I will ever use another brow kit again. :) 
I absolutely love this product. My brows look amazing and I've actually been complimented numerous times since I've begun using this eyebrow kit. I was previously using a brow kit by a different brand, but preferred this one as soon as I used it. I love that the brow wax is tinted. The other brand I was using had clear wax and it just didn't have the same effect. The mirror is great quality. Having instructions on the back of the kit is very handy. This brow kit is the perfect size, small enough to fit in any small purse that I take with me on a night out!  I 100% recommend this product!