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Australis Eyebrow Pencil is an eyebrow pencil for filling in eyebrows accurately to gives them shape. The formula conditions skin and is waterproof. Comes with a brush to help distribute the colour evenly.

Available in four shades.


Australis Eyebrow Pencil


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This eyebrow pencil is a little firmer than I would say is ideal, but for the price it is a really nice product. The dark brown is perfect for my brows, it is warm without that reddish undertone that a lot of other brow pencils I have tried have thrown on me. It's easier to use and easy to sharpen. The bristles are a little firmer than they need to be, but all in all it is a nice drugstore product.
Having really light and fine eyebrows I have to fill them in on the daily!! So I have tried a lot of pencils in my life time. Being blonde, most of them make me look like I have dirty eyebrows. This is my holy grail pencil I cannot leave the house without it!! This one is great as the light brown matches my skin tone perfectly and gives my eyebrows that soft, feathery, natural look. It doesn't pull out your eyebrow hairs either like other pencils I have tried. I love that it's very affordable and fantastic to place in your bag when your out and about in case you need a touch up. To use:  Sharpen before each use so you have a crisp and defined look each time. Use light feathery strokes to fill in your eyebrows for a natural look. Can also be used as a neutral lip liner with your favourite nude lipstick / gloss.  Perfect for those who love a natural look. 
If you like me had a eyebrow emergency and needed something that would do the trick without draining your wallet then this is the gold. It's works amazingly against your brows and blends really nicely. This pencil makes my eyebrows look natural, fuller and neat. I normally don't use pencils against my eyebrows instead I use powder but for this I can make an exception.
I initially purchased this as Australis was having a half price sale and I was in need of a new eyeliner. Unlike skin care, I am not fussy or particular with makeup. I will happily buy whatever is on sale at the time. Always fun to try new things. Now I'm such a makeup expert that I was not even aware this was NOT an eyeliner until I came on here to write this review! Weirdly enough, I have been using this for it's actual purpose anyway- to fill in brows.  I was applying this as usual as an eyeliner one day and noticed my brows were looking thinner and had a few little patchy areas where hair was sparse. I thought I'd lightly draw and dot a little on my brows with this pencil as it seemed a nice creamy texture to maybe pull it off without looking unnatural.  I blended it a little with my finger and was very impressed with the results. My brows looked 100% natural but fuller and thicker thanks to the added help of this easy to use pen. Now, I've tried this with other eyeliners and powders actually made for brows in the past and this has been quite a failure and sometimes even , a mess . So I basically had given up on those entirely. To find the pencil I had been happily using as an eyeliner also doubled as a nice and natural brow filler was quite the bonus. I don't use or own a lot of makeup products. As a mother of two young boys,I simply don't have the time each morning to apply a full face of expertly done makeup after all my other basic skin care needs have been attended too. I do however,like to look my best without a whole heap of effort. This product alone does all my eye perfecting work in a few quick swishes. A little liner for the top eye,a little for the bottom and a quick little dot and blend here and there to fix my brows.  Done! And all at a fantastically affordable price as well. It doesn't smudge on my eyes or eyebrows,doesn't irritate and looks oh so natural just how I want it to look. The thin black pen design fits perfectly in between the fingers to make application a breeze-even for novices like me! I will happily be a repeat purchaser. I recommend this to anyone looking for a brow product that looks completely natural, is effortless to apply (if I can manage it,anyone can!) plus it can also double as an eyeliner! It may not be for that purpose but its one of the best I've ever used!
Like other reviewers, I agree that this is one of the best brow pencils I've ever used. The Australis Eyebrow Pencil gives natural colour and shape, and the combined combing tool assists with tidying after application. It is an amazing price and stocked in a wide range of stores when you need to restock. The pencil is easily sharpened. I am blonde and prefer to use the light brown shade, as the blonde shade too pale to give definition. I would recommend trialling this product in-store as you may need to choose one shade darker than your usual brow pencil colour.
such a great drug store eye brow pencil, goes on well does not make your eye brows look like they have been overly drawn on. You really cannot fault it for the price it is really good for an every day make up look, however is does break quite easily.
This is a great brow pencil at a great price, its the only one I would use now. It works to thicken brows naturally with natural colour and does not look fake. The brush works to brush off excess colour and keep brows in place all day. The pencil is easy to use, you don't need to be a professional to get professional looking brows. Especially for the price I would highly recommend this product and it really does work for beautiful brows.
The Australis brow pencil allows me to draw and define my brows without making my brows look artificial or harsh. The pencil is easy to hold and has a fine tip so I can draw fine hairs also. I use the brush to blend and to tame unruly hair. This brow pencil doesn't go on too dark and it makes my brows look natural and well defined. It is affordable and easy to take away with me in my makeup bag. The pencil itself glides onto my skin and doesn't pull or tug at my skin. It allows me to define and enhance my natural brows and makes them look clean and defined.  Pros: -low priced, gives a natural brow finish Cons: -tip can break when sharpening, so sharpen slowly and carefully Tips: -use the brush tip to blend in the brow colour for a more natural look  Recommendation: -this is a great daily use brow pencil which is suitable for anyone to create natural brows with ease 
An eyebrow pencil is a must for me since I need a bit of help towards making my brows more like Cara Delevinge's. I've tried a lot of brow pencils on the market and the Australis Eyebrow Pencil is a great brow pencil for a bargain price. I use the the light brown shade, and I have found this is a great colour for my brows and let me build up the colour to look a little darker if needed. I think the light brown shade would be really useful for those with fair features or lighter blonde hair. I find that the Australis Eyebrow Pencil is easy to use to apply in a light feathery strokes manner. Once I have went over my brows, I use a brush to remove an excess product and blend into place. My brows stay in place and look great all day when I use this brow pencil. It feels really natural on the brows, and it doesn't irritate my skin. The pencil is easy to grip and is firm and wax, but not so hard that you have to press into your brows when applying. The pencil fits into an normal sharper - which is important for me because I want a brow pencil that can quickly be sharpened to a fine point if needed. At $8.95 this is also an absolute bargain! My other tip is that this brow pencil in the light brown shade also works really well as an eyeliner if you want to define your eyes but dont want to use a heavy black colour. I would recommend this brow pencil to other who want a budget friendly brow pencil that's quick and easy to use. Pros - bargain. - looks natural once applied. - easy to sharpen. - can double as an eyeliner.