Australis Eyegasm Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

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Australis Eyegasm Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner is a liquid eyeliner with a metallic finish.

Available in four shades.


Australis Eyegasm Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner


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The best liquid eyeliner you will ever find! And talk about affordable.... Because of my job I often have water splashing onto my face which can spell disaster for any makeup loving gal! But rest assured this eyeliner will not leave me with panda eyes, this eyeliner will honestly stay completely waterproof all day long. There is zero risk of smudging, creasing, chipping of streaks when you wear this product, no matter what you do to is. The eyeliner formula is divinely silky and fast drying on the eyelid, I love how gentle and non irritating it is. I have accidentally gotten this product in my eye, and although my eye did partially turn black I was amazed that m eye didn't get red and irritated, which is super great for beginners who do not want there eyes to sting and hurt if they have a few accidents. I found using this product took a bit of practise in getting the hang of, the brush has such a thin tip so I found it a bit tricky at first, but hey practise will make you perfect and precise. The brush has stayed thin too, which is great so my eyeliner looks impeccable. I still to this day have a few accident when applying this eyeliner, but nothing that a cotton tip cant fix, and the results are totally worth it. Your eyeliner will look thin, sharp, very matte and perfect! It's the ideal eyeliner to use if yu want to look sleek and professional, absolutely everyone can use it no matter your age or appearance. You can tone it down for day use, or really dress it up and wing your eyeliner for nights out, and it will stay as beautiful as the moment you applied it, all night long. The perfect eyeliner for people who to sweaty nightclubs, dancing all night long but still want to look great for photographs. I advise using a really good eye makeup remover though, it is a little hard to remove as times as most waterproof makeup is, but using a generous splash of makeup remover will get it all off before you know it. Such a perfect choice for everyone, and one you have the technique down pat, you will look amazing and like a professional has done your makeup for you. Seriously, this product feels like a luxury, high-end product, not something I could buy at the supermarket! Terrific value and just bloody beautiful! Your eyes will shine and glisten, the finish of this eyeliner is so vibrant and will really add a sparkle to your eye!
What an unexpectedly fab eyeliner for such a small price! I was absolutely blown away by the beautiful glossy texture, and easy to glide on tip. I love how this eyeliner will stay on all night long, even if you go for a dip (literally!). It can withstand sweat, tears, rain and water!!! Getting it off can be a challenge, so use a good quality eye makeup remover so you dont have to rub too hard.  Pros: Beautiful finished look, always precise.  Dark and eye catching colour, very matte.  Stays on for ages and ages!  Super budget friendly, perfect for everyone.  The little bottle will last for months Cons: I find my self rubbing really hard to get it off (not good for the delicate eye area) Irritates my eyes if just a little bit goes in.  Can be difficult to find in the stores, not stocked everywhere.  Tips: Dont use too much, can wind up looking quitechunky. Make sure you store this product properly, and take care when putting the applicator back in the bottle (it can damage easy).  Use a cotton tip with a little makeup remover to clean up any 'accidents' when applying it.  I really love this eyeliner, its a great little gem especially on holidays where i might want to go on a spontaneous swim without having to worry about getting panda eyes! Its affordable. It's precise. It's bold.  An absolute steal for any budget and any audience!