Australis Get Cheeky – Blush Brush

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Australis Get Cheeky – Blush Brush is a full, domed blush brush for defining and contouring your cheekbones. The soft touch handle allows you to hold the brush with ease.


Australis Get Cheeky – Blush Brush


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I love this brush as its not too large so it picks up product and blends really well. I usually buy australis brushes as they are a great price and always work really well. This is a nice soft brush that is easy to use and works as well as a more expensive product
This brush has bristles ideal for what it was made for:  picking up mineral powder for a blush product.  The bristles are quite long and make the blush colour pigment look softly edged on the skin - there is no harsh lines with this brush.  This brush helps the blush colour look more natural than if it's bristles were stiffer.   Sometimes I find it a little hard to control but I am no expert make-up artist.   The whole handle (the pink and black part)  is approximately 12.5 cm long and just over 1.5 cm in diameter so it's very easy to hold - it's not too chunky.  I tend to hold it a bit like how I would hold a pencil.  It's comfortable to hold that way for me to apply blush with it.   I love the pretty bright metallic printing on it which says "Mineral Blush Brush" on one side and the brand name "Australis" on the other side.  I like the little bit of botanical swirls in this metallic print too which is near to the base of the handle.  This metallic writing imprint has stayed as good as new since the day I bought it - it still looks fantastic and is not at all wearing off.  It seems like a high quality print and metallic paint.  The handle does feel 'soft' to hold - it's a special type of plastic - not just cheap plastic which is good! The domed brush head has widened a little over the time that I have used it.  The pink metal that holds the brush to the handle has faded over time on one side because I keep this on my dresser standing upright in a pot and the daylight has regularly hit the brush on one side.This doesn't detract from it's use-ability at all though.  My best tip would be to keep this out of sunlight (both when storing it and when drying it after washing).  It does wash up very well - I like to use a high quality brush cleanser.   Sometimes during use I have noticed a few hairs of this brush have come loose too - but not a huge amount.