Australis High Life Highlighting Powder

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Australis High Life Highlighting Powder is an easy to blend, soft highlighting powder with shimmer for defining features and leaving skin luminous. It can be used with your contouring products or on its own. Apply to the top of your cheekbones, forehead, chin, and Cupid’s bow to accentuate your features.


Australis High Life Highlighting Powder


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I randomly brought this a while ago and tried it out and found it was pretty good. Compared to other formulas, this is more of a natural highlight that gives a sunkissed glow instead of a blinding highlight like other products. I really like the wash of glow it gives. The only negative is that mine is very crumbly and often gets everywhere when I go to put it on. Other than that, it is one of my favourites!
I bought this on a whim while I went on a highlight rampage buying liquid and powder highlighters. This is a beautiful budget highlighter under $20. It’s a nice subtle peachy pink shade that gives a natural healthy-looking glow to the face without being too pigmented.On application it blends beautifully and my skin looks radiant and it definitely helps to illuminate the complexion. Since this is a subtle highlighter, I think it’s a great choice for everyday use and an amazing product for beginners to play around with for a little summer glow. But if you’re looking for a highly pigmented highlighter then you might want to try other options. Overall, I am happy with Australis Highlife Highlighting powder & with its results as it gives a lovely subtle glow to my skin and has a decent lasting ability. Hence I would recommend this product to anyone on a budget looking for an everyday natural glow highlighter.  
I personally found this product to be really chunky and full of glitter. I have an ivory skin tone so I didn't think this product was too dark or anything, but on an every day basis I like to lean towards a more natural highlighter with a natural glow rather than something you can visibly detect on the skin. If you're similar to me in that respect then I'd probably recommend this for like a festival or a concert, or wherever you're planning to wear a more outgoing look, rather than for every day.
Great starting powder for those wanting to get into highlighting! I found the product to be a little powdery but other than that it is very easy to work with. It has a very natural glow and not glittery at all! It is also great for eyeshadow to be used as inner corner highlight!
I bought this product the day it was released (guys it sold out) think 6 plus months ago! I am still impressed by the buildable colour and sheer highlight pigment it creates on my cheekbones!  Super affordable and lightweight, I not only use it on my cheekbones but as a eyeshadow and to highlight my cupids bow. If you are carrying it while out and about you can also dap it on top of your gloss for an amazing bright finish to any makeup look ... you're welcome :) 
I have been using this product since it was first released in the contour palette and was so glad when it was finally released as a stand-alone product because it was always the most-used item in the palette!  Even though the standard use for this product is as a highlighter, I much prefer to use it as a blush.  I have very pale skin and struggle to find a natural looking blush – most have too much pigment and can make me look a little too flushed.  This one gives me a lovely luminous glow (but not glittery) and a natural wash of colour that suits my skin tone perfectly.  It is a warm toned peachy-apricot pink and I believe would suit a variety of skin tones(mine is neutral, but I like to use warm tones). I also use it as a body highlighter, especially on the shoulders and décolletage as it gives such a healthy looking glow.  Love that it is vegan friendly and not tested on animals too!