Australis Lip & Eye Pencil Sharpener

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Australis Lip & Eye Pencil Sharpener is a pencil sharpener for 8mm and 12mm cosmetic pencils. Simple to use, the makeup tool sharpens pencils to a fine tip for easy application.


Australis Lip & Eye Pencil Sharpener


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This is a good, small compact sharpener that you can store easily in a makeup bag. I do find though that the clear plastic bit breaks quite easily after a few uses and from being tossed around in my makeup bag. It is a lot cheaper than some sharpers but I honestly have a cheaper one from kmart that does the trick.
I have had this sharpener for years, i mean YEARS and it is still holding up so well.  I take it with me everytime I travel, especially for my contour/highlighter pencil sticks, eyebrow pencils, lip liners and eyeliner pencils! I love how there are two size options provided and how affordable it is for the quality! I think i've had mine since 2013-2014? I highly recommend purchasing this if you have many pencils in your kit! 
What can I say, this is a must have product for every person who has pencil products in their beauty kit. Its very affordable, and good value for money compared to similar products on the market. Its super easy to empty the sharpenings and is mess free, and comes with two standard sized holes which are perfect for most products. After only a few twists your pencil will be nice and sharp and ready to use again and again. This product has lasted me forever, and when I get it completely filthy I give it a rinse in warm tap water. When the blades do eventually go dull its cheap and easy to replace. Overall great product, you can't go wrong with this Australis sharpener and I do recommend for anyone on the look out for a reliable sharpener.
It's a good and sturdy pencil sharpner with a convenient lid to capture the shavings. It does its job and fits in me makeup bag super easy .$6.49 is an ok price, but you can find other cosmetic pencil sharpeners at a cheaper price point. It's good, but you can find others cheaper that do the same job.
The Australis Lip & Eye Pencil Sharpener is a fantastic cosmetic pencil sharpener for those on a budget! The choice of 8mm and 12mm sharpeners has come in handy many times I have used this product, and the shavings catcher is also useful. The lid of the shavings catcher can become a bit loose over time though, so this is something to be conscious of when storing your sharpener in a bag with other tools.  The next time I need to purchase a cosmetic sharpener I will definitely be re-purchasing this one!
I originally bought this sharpener to replace a old broken one, now that i've used it i will continue to repurchase.  This Australis sharpener is great tool to have in your makeup kit, i would recommend it for the price and also because it covers most pencil sizes with the two different options available!  Bonus with the design is that you can see through the lid and it collects all of the shavings so there's zero mess! 
I bought this sharpener when I lost my old one, primarily for the price. I was really impressed with how sharp and easy to use it is, for all size pencils and crayons. With a few twist my products are perfectly sharpened for a professional finish. At such a great price I would highly recommend buying a couple of these, another great Australis product
I love Australis  products. I love they are Australian, affordable and great quality and don't test on animals.  I have been using Australis since I was a teen.  I have had an older version of this sharpener and I also have recently purchased this sharpener.  They are great quality and my old sharpener is 10 years old and is still as sharp as ever. They are great for pencils, larger pencils and chubby lip crayons.   Its an easy twist mechanism and you only have to twist a few times and your pencil/crayon becomes super sharp. I keep the sharpener in my handbag as with the plastic clear lid it keeps the shavings from emptying in my cosmetic purse. The plastic easily clips up on and off.  They are robust and made of good quality plastic.  I have had a more expensive sharpener but I think the Australis is just as good if not better quality.  i don't mind paying for a couple of Australis sharpeners they are affordable and I can keep one in my handbag, work drawer and home.  I love how are few twists and I get a really nice sharp point for my white eye pencil.  An all round classic brand that always delivers. I would happily repurchase, there are no bad points with this sharpener. It comes highly recommended. 
This is my go-to sharpener for my make up pencils. I've tried others, such as the awesomely purple urban decay version, but I find this is the best value for money. I love how it's super easy to see how full your sharpener is of your sharpenings (unlike some other brands in which you need to open the sharpener to see what it's hiding, or wait until it explodes with its contents, or even have the contents sneakily distribute themselves throughout your make up bag). I find that the two size sharpening blades are standard, I have eye colour pencils that are thicker than the larger sharpener meaning that I need a special sharpener for these. I believe that this is particular to these eye colour pencils, rather than a fault with this product. I've found that the blades of this sharpener last just as long as some of the more expensive brands I've tried, and I find that this brand for me is the most reliable. I really like how easy it is to get your make up pencil shavings out of the sharpener, although I've found that over time the cover can become loose and these shavings can escape if not cleaned frequently enough or if the sharpener is too old. My advice would be to empty this sharpener after each use, to avoid little pencil shavings distributing themselves throughout your toiletries bag. This is a preferred sharpener for me, due to many reasons including price, accessibility, and usability. I find this sharpener is a really good quality product.