Australis Liquid Eyeliner

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Australis Liquid Eyeliner is a fast drying, smooth liquid eyeliner with an ergonomic handle and sponge tip applicator. The colour is water-resistant, smudge-resistant and flake and fade-free for a look that lasts all day and night without reapplication.


Australis Liquid Eyeliner


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Nice, easy liquid eyeliner with a wide/thick brush line but a thin formula. I like this, but it requires a few coats to remove the opaqueness. Non runny or clumpy and lasts all day without cracking so I use it as an every-day eyeliner. I would recommend this, as long as you layer it on!
I am terrible at applying liquid liner, but this affordable and cruelty free liner by Australis makes the process much easier. The formula does not bleed, doesn't crack on my eyelids, and is the perfect consistency - not too thin, not too thick. It is easy to create a fine line, or a more dramatic look, and it lasts all day without smudging. My only complaint is that I prefer my liquid liner to be matte, where as this seems to dry to an almost glossy, shiny finish. I would recommend that anyone who struggles with applying liquid liner give this one a go.
The Australis Liquid Eyeliner is good budget friendly eyeliner.  This eyeliner comes in a small tube bottle with a applicator. The applicator tip Ian long and fine so it's excellent for thin precise lines that you can build up if needed.  This eyeliner applies as a slightly glossy black, and dries quickly. One of the best thing about his eyeliners is that it rarely ever smudges. It's stays in place all day and does crack and flake off. If you are new to using liquid eyeliners this is a good affordable one to start with.  I would recommend this eyeliner as a great budget friendly eyeliner.  Pros: - rarely smudges.  - affordable. - long lasting. - glossy finish.  Cons: - be sure to remove excess liquid on the brush before applying as it's runny.