Australis Matte Me Lipstick Mattifying Base

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Australis Matte Me Lipstick Mattifying Base is a lip mattifying stick that gives glossy lipsticks a matte finish.


Australis Matte Me Lipstick Mattifying Base


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Ahh,matte lips...the most chic,most long wearing,yet most (at times) uncomfortable of makeup products (i mean,who hasn't had a matte lippy that looks spectacular,only to make you wish you could hook up an infusion of moisture...just to get you through the day ?). And whilst i have uttered that credo "beauty is pain",i reckon enough pain has been endured by us all (summer waxing,high heeled sandals,melting into eyes sunscreen,body overhaul for cozzies... and that's not taking into account the heat,humidity,the sweat,the internal furnace from the external furnace....ENOUGH I SAY,ENOUGH). Seeing this had me making a beeline for was like Santa (and Australis) had heard my wishlist..AND GOT THOSE ELVES ONTO IT (my entire lipstick collection flashed before my eyes. I could turn everything matte! EVERYTHING....It was like a dream come true)...thanks Australis Matte Me Lipstick Mattifying Base. Loving a matte lip means many things (strong,sexy colour payoff,long - time wear and kissing that lasts long after you do....for all the right reason,not for the stain left behind).Don't get me wrong,i don't mind a bit of a shine, but if I could help it, all lip shades would be made matte. There's just something...special about a matte finish. Especially when it's paired with a bold hue.I just so happen to always carry a lippy (OR TEN),so i gave the tester a workout....It worked beautifully,and so Matte Me was purchased.After i got mine home,i went some mad professor who was on a mission to create the perfect lipstick,and then just continue until i either ran out of product (not likely) or fell unconscious with exhaustion (more likely) To begin with,let me just tell you that this little stick smells,ummmm....different ( It's reminiscent of a medicinal,almost plastic-y smell that someone has attempted to mask with a smidge of vanilla.Not great,but certainly not a deal breaker.That being said, DON'T BE PUT OFF (the smell is not unlike self tan in staying doesn't stick around for long).And whilst on the cons, I also have to mention that the texture of Matte Me is quite dry and drags on the lips (not too surprising, really). It doesn't dry out the lips though (otherwise,we have totally missed the entire point no ?) . Now,onto the pros:it makes any lip colour,any brand,any hue MATTE (I tried this with both normal lipsticks & also with already matte lipsticks.... it transformed them all and did so with no added colour from the stick itself ),plus it did help to keep my lips moisturized throughout the day....but that matteness only had a lasting effect for up to 2-3 hours (still,not shabby).It is not the type of product to leave your lips feeling like the Mojave desert (it does feel "dryish",but that is alleviated by the formula of the lipcolour you use as the base for this).It is also can make any and all lipsticks you have matte for less than $15...not to mention doubling you lip wardrobe by the sheer fact you have now got matte AND cream versions of everything. Will you love it ? Hmmmm,it may,quite possibly,be an addiction for life.Will it change the way you look at all the lipsticks you have ever owned in a different way....YES.Do i recommend it ? YES,just try to get over the scent. TIP:PLAY...... with any texture lippy you have.Make mattes super matte,make creams that little more less transferable.Take it out to work with you,and be able to make that daytime version into  nightime,cocktail friendly must have.