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Australis Nail Colour is a nail polish with a high shine, streak-free colour. The nail polish is intensely pigmented and vegan friendly.

Available in 38 shades.


Australis Nail Colour


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I love these nail polishes. They come in a great range of different colour choices and i love the look of the bottle. the lid size is easy to hold and control.  It glides on so smooth and easy when applying. The brush is the perfect size and is a soft bristle for a streak free finish. I like that the consistency is thinker than other nail polish brands which means i can get away with 2 coats instead of 3.  When dried there is a streak free shine with intense colour. It lasts about 3 or 4 days before it starts to chip.  Pros are that there is a great colour range ant a very low price. No cons. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants affordable, good quality nail polish. 
I really like this cheap nail polish, it is so cheap that even if you buy a colour that does not suit, it doesn't matter. The colour I particularly like has been discontinued but I knew this was happening (as it was in the bargains bin at my pharmacy) I bought up several bottles. I love the brush, it is thick and a bit shorter than other polishes so you have more control. The colour lasts for ages before it chips, for such a cheap polish it has a lot of good things going for it. I always look at their stand to see what is new.
I often buy this polish as it comes in a gorgeous range of colours and at this price I can afford to have a vast array of colours. It is not too thick so glides on easily and gives a nice glossy coat. I always use two coats and find this gives the cover I like. I love the nice shine it gives and a big plus is it does not chip easily as you would expect from a more reasonable priced polish, I will definitely buy more colours
This is a great quality nail polish for the price. It's possible to get a decent opaque finish with one coat, but I've found with the light shade I own, 3 coats are needed for optimal results and a finish I am happy with. A darker shade would look perfect with just 2 coats. The finish is high shine,glossy and Australis regularly releases on-trend shades to suit everyone too. I did find it was a bit streaky after one coat, but that was not so evident with extra coats. The brush is pretty standard and makes it easy to apply thin, even coats that don't take too long to dry. Sealed with a good top coat, the polish not only looks great, but it also has decent staying power - it's pretty chip resistant, which is one of the most important things a polish needs to have to get me buying more. Big thumbs up Australis! They've also got a great variety of shades - I'll definitely be adding more to my collection. For the money, this is a really great product.
I bought an Australis nail colour perhaps around 2 years ago now and since then have tried many nail polishes- typically affordable. My holy grail affordable nail polish would have to be the Sally Hansen polishes although after trialling a number of Australis' I would say they are a close maybe second or third (however they are very different in formula so definitely not a dupe but still a good alternative- and certainly a very good value one! But anyway, let me give you a run down of the best parts of the product as well as the not-so-great... PROS: Colour selection/range- As I mentioned previously I have quite a few shades from this range as they have an absolutely wonderful collection and you're guaranteed to find a shade to match your skin time and whatever colour your in the mood for! My personal favourite is the shade "Spinning Like Candy", which is a rich mauve shade which is a perfect as an everyday nude. I also find Australis bring out a new collection of 3-4 shades every season. This year I'll be bringing out (and may or may not have on my toes at the moment) "Seafoam" (a light pale pastel green) and " Aqua (a lovely bright blue) which are perfect shades for summer if your on the hunt!  Formula- I find the formula to be thin which is actually quite nice as it means the polish dries very quickly which is always a plus! I find it takes around 20 mins to completely dry and you can go straight into the next coat! I also find that it is quite a non-streaky formula which makes it rather fool-proof to apply.  Finish- If you enjoy a high-shine finish on your polishes I would definitely recommend this one for you! I find I do not need to add a top coat (unless I want to increase the longevity of the polish on my nails) as it is already so shiny and lovely on the nails!  Longevity/wear time- I was very impressed with the wear-time of this nail polish. Just as a guide, when I apply the polish (usually two coats) it lays around 3-4 days on my nails without chipping which is actually very good for me! (Note: it lasts a lot longer as in over a week on my toenails as typically polishes tend to last longer there anyway). Although I would recommend applying a top coat (my personal affordable favourite is a gel topcoat from Revlon) as I find it increases the wear time and I can even get a full week without any chipping!  CONS: - Brush style- The brush wand on this polish is quite narrow and the brush hairs are very thin- which unfortunately means that application is not the fastest. It means you have to do more strokes (which also increases the risk of streaks). I mean it is only a minor negative however.  - Opaqueness of product- Unfortuantely, I find this product is not the most opaque. As I mentioned before the formula is rather thin so I find you have to apply at least two coats to reach a nice level of opaqueness. Again it comes down to a matter of personal taste. I do find that the darker shades require less layering and they are typically more opaque but the lighter white shades take a couple of coasts to build up the pigmentation. Overall, for the impressive price point of the Australis polishes and the fact that you could almost buy a new shade every season I do think they are at least worth trying out! As I have mentioned there are both positives and negatives to this product but in this case I think the pros outweigh the cons, I would most certainly recommend this product!