Australis Oh Hai Brow! Brow Shaping Kit

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Australis Oh Hai Brow! Brow Shaping Kit is a brow kit with two brow powders, brow wax, highlighter, tweezers and a double-ended applicator. The brow wax helps fix brows in place, whilst smoothing and creating a solid look and base for the powder to adhere to. The brow powders can be used to create your preferred shade and then applied to the brow for a natural finish. The highlighter brightens up the eye area when applied underneath the brow. Comes with step-by-step instructions on the back of the kit.


Australis Oh Hai Brow! Brow Shaping Kit


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This eyebrow kit is amazing! It works really well and it doesn't leave you with gaps in your brows. The creme is my favourite as it makes your eyebrows look sharper, but the powder works well to. It is a really good brush and I always get compliments when I wear it. The colours are more suitable for people with dark blonde - brown hair, as when I died my hair platnim blonde my eyebrows looked to dark. It stays on the whole day so it is definitely worth getting if you haven't already tried it!
Love this product. I have tattooed brows , after losing mine to chemo. This product fills and sets much better than any I have used to date. I have been using this since its first release and recommend it to any one with sparse brows for a great natural or glam look.
An essential product. I love this brow kit from Australis. It is an essential part of my makeup kit and something that I use almost everyday even when I am not opting to put foundation on my face.  As you know its the "Era" of perfect brows and I would rather have a bad hair day than messy brows. This kit has everything to keep your brows tamed and looking tidy and professional. It contains three shades of powder. As I have dark brown hair , the middle dark brown shade works best for my eyebrows. I use that dark brown shade to fill in any sparse areas on my brows. I then use the lighter brown shade to add some volume around the edges of the eyebrows. As I don't like harsh edges I prefer the lighter shade to give me a softer look. I love the highlighter shade to accentuate the area under my brows. It gives me a perfect highlight and makes the edges of the brows look clean and sharp. The powders are soft and buttery and are quite pigmented. They work perfectly for the brows. they give a soft shading effect . Then there is the pigmented wax which I use to set the brows after I have shaded them in. the wax just melts onto my brow hairs and further tidies them up. The wax helps to hold the hair in place. My brows look perfect through out the whole day. The tweezers is handy to have to pluck out any unwanted brow hair in an emergency. I also often use to pluck out unwanted chin hairs .  I also love the inclusion of the brush, the angled brush and the flat synthetic brush is great to use when you are out an about and need to fix your brows in an emergency. Overall this is really handy compact to have if you want to have perfect brows every time. The packaging is small enough to fit inside your travel makeup bag. The price is quite affordable and is easily available to purchase.