Australis Oil & Glow Self Tan Oil Violet Base

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Australis Oil & Glow Self Tan Oil Violet Base is a dry oil self tan that develops over two to three hours and lasts for up to a week. The formula contains argan oil to nourish skin. The violet based colour is ideal for olive or already tanned skin tones and helps create a rich dark tan.  The hint of purple hues work to counteract orange found in medium and olive skin tones. No shower necessary, just apply the oil and go.


Australis Oil & Glow Self Tan Oil Violet Base


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This is literally a "I just got back from Bali" tan bottled! I am completely blown away with the quality and formula of this tan, and also secretly happy that no-one else seems to have discovered how amazing this is. Firstly, the violet base (which may initially sound strange) is incredible on my skin tone (light to medium, slightly on the warmer side)  and i suspect many others as well. It essentially looks like a deep, natural 'born with it' tan with none of the other orange-ness of other fake tans. Secondly, I have tried dry oil formulas previously and ended up looking a hot mess however, this goes on evenly and has been streak free every time i have used it (aka every thursday night). I sleep in it comfortably overnight as it isn't wet feeling, wash off in the morning and voila! I am now a tanned goddess. I cannot speak highly enough of this product and ended up bulk-purchasing this online as it is no longer stocked at my local priceline. I would 1000% recommend this to others who hate the orangeness of other fake tans and are looking for a quick, easy solution to staying tan.