Australis Perfect Match Mousse Green Base

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Australis Perfect Match Mousse Green Base is a triple moisturising self tan that goes on smooth and dries in seconds. The colour features a green base that is suited to all skin tones. Once applied, the colour will continue to develop over six to eight hours due to the quick tan actives in the formula.


Australis Perfect Match Mousse Green Base


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I do not use self-tanning products often, but I do like to keep at least one on hand for those special occasions where I really need to get my glow on. What I really like about this self-tanning mousse from Australis is how easy it is to apply and how it provides a streak-less finish for my skin. I prefer to exfoliate my skin before applying this as I find that gives me a more even finish.  The green base is supposed to match all skin tones, and it certainly works well for my pale skin. Once applied this tanner will continue to develop, so depending on how deep you want your tan to look, you just need to leave it on for longer before washing the remainder of the tanner off. I do find that prior to washing it off, it can transfer to clothes etc, so that is something to be aware of.  I love the mousse consistency - it is so fluffy, light and fun to use! And the pump bottle it comes in is so handy!
DIY tanning can be a scary, intimidating process. What shade do I need? Will I end up with streaks, or those forbidden orange hands? Thankfully, Australis is here to take away some of the stress. The perfect match mousse range comes in three base shades: Ash, green and violet. I was immediately impressed by this as most cheaper, generic home tans usually just have the one colour base. If you're unsure, essentially, the green base is perfect for everyone particularly neutral based skin tones, violet base is perfect for those lucky naturally tanned ladies, and the ash base suits most skin tones but is best for pale skinned ladies with cool undertones. I chose the green base as I am quite pale and thought I'd stick to the 'safer' option, green being the base for tans I have gotten at tanning salons. The foam comes out in a dark green, easy-to-apply consistency which I applied with my Australis tanning mitt that I purchased at the same time. The tan was easy to apply and blended well. It was easy to see where I had applied the tan. I applied the tan before bed and put a towel down in case it stained the sheets. I washed the tan off in the morning and I was very happy with the results. I had a gorgeous, natural looking tan with no streaks, marks, or that horrendous oompa-loompa look. My tan lasts approximately 5 days with my daily moisturising. If you are a home tanning newbie I definitely suggest you to give this one a go. The base selection makes it easy to choose the shade thats right for you and the application couldn't have been easier. As always remember to shave and exfoliate 24 hours earlier and dont come into contact with water for at least 2 hours after applying the tan. I would definitely recommend this tanning mousse and I will continue to purchase as I have not seen another at-home tanning product that is on par with this one in regard to shade selection, ease-of-apply, price, and general end product.
I just want to admit that my legs never see much of the sun so for me in summer I do need a slight tan when I am wearing shorts.   My problem was most tanning products made me look like I was very dark.  I just wanted something natural looking and not over the top.  I was given the Australis Self Tan Mousse so will try my luck and see.  After exfoliating in the shower and preparing my legs, I was pumped and ready to see how easy it would also be. The container is a pump spray and when you pump out the dark looking fluffy foam mousse, my first thoughts were.....way too dark but as I spread (using disposable gloves) around the top half of my legs it disappeared to a soft, light colour.  No problem applying the mousse to the whole of my legs.  I did sparingly use around my knees, ankles and around my toes. How wonderful using this with no horrible overpowering smell which I got with other tanning products. The fragrance for this product is actually beautiful and divine.  The mousse blends easily and evenly and no harsh rubbing was needed.  The whole experience was just so easy. They suggest on the container that if you want only a light tan to rinse after 1+hour, then 2+hours for a medium tan and 3+hours for a darker tan.  I wanted to have an in between of 1 and 2.  This mousse dries quite quickly on your skin so I was able to dress lightly and sit back  and relax with a cuppa and just think about housework.  After 1 1/2 hours it was straight to the shower for a final warm rinse off.  Definitely could see a difference in colour to my legs after patting dry.  The colour will still develop more for 6-8 hours due to the quick tan actives. Well, I am loving this product and 1 1/2 hours gave me the perfect colour.  Other tanning products have given me streaky line marks but not so this time.  I can actually wear shorts now and have a tan.  Even my husband was impressed. What's not to love about this product because it will suit anyone's skin tone plus it is not tested on animals and is vegan friendly.  My tan lasted for just over a week so that was fantastic.  I have continued to use this wonderful product and it is great that is affordable too.  I am impressed.