Australis Perfect Match Mousse Violet Base

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Australis Perfect Match Mousse Violet Base is a triple moisturising self tan that goes on smooth and dries in seconds. The colour features a violet base that is ideal for olive or already tanned skin tones. The hint of purple hues help create a rich dark tan, which helps counteract orange found in medium and olive skin tones. Once applied, the colour will continue to develop over six to eight hours due to the quick tan actives in the formula.


Australis Perfect Match Mousse Violet Base


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All I can say about this self-tanner is WOW! I normally prefer to get a spray tan done but after using this I'll be doing all my own tanning from now on. I have olive undertones and found this tanner to create the perfect bronze shade on me, without any nasty orange visible at all. The formula goes on smoothly and a little of the mousse goes a long way. I used it before bed and left it on overnight to get a deeper shade. There was no nasty smell or stickiness whatsoever. Plus the fact that it's cruelty free gets my further tick of approval. I'd recommend it to everyone wanting a nice, natural looking tan