Australis Strobe Cream Body Illuminator

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Australis Strobe Cream Body Illuminator is a highly pigmented lotion that gives the body a fresh summery glow. Perfect for use on the cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, collarbone, inner corners of the eye, eyelids, arms and legs, or anywhere you want to accentuate. 


Australis Strobe Cream Body Illuminator


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I'm not the biggest fan of tanning products. BUT...... I am more than obsessed with this product! This is an incredible illuminator for the body to give your skin a gorgeous glow. It has a golden tone to it and actually makes my legs look even more toned. Where do I apply? I love to apply this on my arms, legs and decollate. Although, you can also use on your face as well. It's entirely up to you :) Also, this product dries instantly, so it's perfect to use in a rush when you are going out for the night.A little bit goes a long way, don't over apply and make sure to blend in well! Works well with all skin types.
I love this body cream illumoinator, its perfect for summer. I use it on legs for a great golden glow, arms and cheekbones to highlight. It looks as though I have been on a tropical holiday. It rubs in well without feeling greasy. The light reflecting particles give an instant radiant glow without a fake tan effect. this comes at a great price point of $19.99 a great australis bargain. This illuminator is a must have for summer for a gorgeous shimmery glow