Australis Tan Body Contour

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Australis AC ON TOUR Body Contour is a tinted body cream that can be used to enhance, sculpt and refine the body. The wash-off lotion dries quickly and is transfer-resistant. The chocolate colour helps to create a slimming and streamlined effect to the body. It can also be used to enhance a tan.


Australis Tan Body Contour


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The Australis AC ON TOUR Body Contour is packaged in a black, soft plastic tube with a twist-on flip-top lid which makes it easy to squeeze out just the right amount of product.    The product is a pale brown coloured, shimmery cream which when applied gives just the tiniest hint of colour. There is a sweet fragrance which I think is vanilla.    I’m not into tanning whatsoever, whether fake or natural.   I couldn’t be bothered with applying and having to maintain a fake tan, and building up a natural tan means spending time in the sun which I don’t do.      I tried the body contour on my shoulders and the tops of my arms first which are rather pale and could do with a bit of a glow and also some streamlining.  I wasn’t expecting much but I found the tinted cream to be a little gem in just giving a hint of colour.  It dried instantly and didn’t rub off onto my clothing.     What I like about the body contour is that I can add a hint of colour when I need to and then wash it off, and there’s no streaking or patchiness to worry about.  I also like that the product is made in Australia, is not tested on animals and is vegan friendly.