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Australis The Original Primer is a primer for creating a fresher complexion and longer-lasting foundation. The hydrating formula contains vitamin A and C derivatives that have anti-ageing properties, and honey, aloe vera and cucumber extract to retain the skin’s moisture.


Australis The Original Primer


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This primer is my go-to everyday primer, it helps my foundation go on so smoothly! It is a gel like cream which is easy to apply, applies evenly, and I love that it doesn't contain silicone! I also find that it doesn't clog my pores, and I am prone to oiliness through my t-zone which this primer definitely helps with keeping at a minimum over the whole course of the day. I find that I get about 8 hours wear before the tiniest bits of oiliness starts to show, which I can combat with powder or blotting paper if I catch it in time! I find it is nicely moisturising on the areas of skin where I'm prone to dryness (Yay for combination skin!)  For a fuss free primer that actually works, I can definitely recommend this Australis primer!
It’s a clear gel like consistency and ive found it to be great for my combination of dry and oily skin. I generally moisturiser first before applying a layer of this and let it set and dry to ensure my dry patches are not going to be an issue. It helps hide blemishes and doesn’t clog you pores which is great and after using this and wearing make up for over 8 hours I don’t get any break outs of black head build ups. This is one for any skin type and if you’re under you could always wait for it to be on sale at somewhere like Priceline but it’s a great alternative of a high end primer and for a lot less of the price!
For some strange reason, it has taken me up until this week to find this primer- I KNOW. I had been searching for a silicone free primer for the longest time as silicone always gives me nasty breakouts. I was browsing the Australis range in my local department store because the brand is always my go-to for being not tested on animals, affordable, and effective. My skin is quite oily and I wear moisturiser plus SPF every day so foundation ontop of that has quite alot to contend with. My skin is pigmented and has acne scarring, so whilst I know I will not have a perfectly smooth base from a primer, there are some which can help. I tried this primer out today and firstly I noticed the clean fresh scent of Aloe Vera it has.   The bottle claims that the primer is hydrating, helps makeup last, and smoothes and refines the skin. I applied mine after sunscreen then waited 5 minutes for it to settle before doing my foundation. I happily noticed my skin was missing that siliconey/plastic feeling and that the primer did not 'pill' along my face like others have. It felt neither sticky or dry, it felt as if nothing was there. I applied my foundation over the top and I set my look with powder. Some  12 hours later- (and after powdering at lunch) my foundation still looks fresh. Pro's *Not tested on animals *No fuss, easy to use *Clean and fresh scent *Water-based formula glides over skin easily *Affordable *Trusted brand *Helps keep foundation in place *Stops foundation from settling into large pores/ pit scarring *Doesn't dry out the skin *Use it on your eyelids to stop makeup creasing No CONS! Overall I am sooo happy I (finally) found this primer. As someone with very fussy skin needs it can be so hard to find a primer without silicone but that actually performs as you need it to as well. I did my makeup at 7am and at 7pm it was looking much more attractive than it usually would. Peering close up in the mirror my makeup hadn't settled into my laugh lines and hadn't separated around my nose like it normally does. I had a full day of Christmas shopping in and out of carparks in the Queensland 35 Degree heat and I could not be happier with how this primer performed- my eyeshadow still hadnt turned into a oily creasey mess! I am so so happy I have found this. If you have skin similar to mine and cannot tolerate the level of dimethicone in most primers I URGE you to give this one a try. I have washed off my makeup and my skin feels soft and light not tight, dry or sensitive. Thank you thank you Australis for once again having a product which is my HG.
I absolutely love this primer! It's a gel-like consistency, and it dries clear on the skin. Once it's dried, my foundation just glides on, no cakeyness, and it stays all day.  I apply this after my sunscreen, and before my foundation, and it keeps my face moisturised throughout the day.  Even though it's a gel primer, I don't find that it makes my face oily at all.  At this price point, this is a fantastic primer, and I'll definitely be repurchasing when my current bottle runs out. 
I began using this product since I started wearing foundation in high school. It's always worked perfect for me. I have oily skin and this helped reduce that.  It feels silky when applied and as I have quite large pores this product reduces the size by 80%. Good for people starting off and helps foundation stay on much longer.
I bought this primer when it was on sale at Priceline and am certainly glad I did. This product is on the better quality of drugstore primers, a lot of which can seem like glorified moisturisers. The product itself is a gel-like consistency and goes on clear and doesn't have a noticeable fragrance. You only need a small pea sized amount to cover your entire face. It applies evenly and has an immediate hydrating effect, and thankfully dries down quickly. Any face makeup you apply on top glides on smoothly and doesn't appear cakey. Whilst it does improve the longevity of face makeup it fails to protect against oiliness, which is understandable due to the fact that it claims to be a moisturising primer. A pump on the end of the primer would be ideal but for the cost of the primer it is understandable, and the squeeze tube is still at least more hygienic than a jar or bottle. I think it would work better for people whose skin is on the more drier side. Overall, a very impressive drugstore product, comparable to the Too Faced Hangover Primer. Would definitely recommend purchasing!
I loved this primer for the price. I couldn't see the need for a more expensive primer I would rather spend the money on a quality foundation. However this primer I thought was just as good as more expensive brands, my foundation went on smoothly after using this and I thought my skin looked more youthful and fine lines were diminished, it does not feel greasy which is good as I have slightly oily skin and I did not get breakouts using this a great product for a really smooth feel at an awesome price.
I tried this as it was on sale at Priceline. It is a gel-like texture that has a slight white tint to it. It glides on my skin effortlessly and once it dries, my foundation is applied and doesn't look cakey. I love that it gives me a smooth surface to work with, however it did not prolong my makeup. It also made my t-zone noticeably oily by the afternoon. This is perhaps more suited to those with dry or normal skin types, rather than combination/oily. I would only continue to use this if I know I am only going to be out for a few hours but not suitable for all day or all night. Pros -affordable -simple packaging -smooth application Cons -doesn't help prolong makeup -oily tzone noticeable even with the use of primer
I have recently switched over to this Australis Primer from higher end products, and have found it to be just as good as an alternative. The price is really affordable, and definitely a good option for those like me who use foundation on a daily basis. The packaging is simple, an opaque white tube. I love the consistency of the product, it's almost like a gel and is smooth to apply and quick to absorb.  It smooths out my complexion and also gives my skin some moisture without being tacky, sticky or leaving any residue behind. My skin feels really soft and smooth after applying the primer. I haven't noticed any irritation, or clogged pores from using the product.  After applying this product and waiting for it to dry, I apply my foundation. I've found that my foundation looks much more smooth across my skin, and ends up lasting all day without fading or sweating off my face. I think perhaps it doesn't last quite as long as other expensive primers, but overall it does last throughout the day and I am very happy with it. It works well for me as my everyday primer.  I will continue to repurchase this primer from now on. My skin is combination-oily, so I have found that the amount of moisturiser this primer gives is just right for my skin, however if you have drier skin, perhaps finding a more hydrating primer is a more suitable option.