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Australis Tint My Brow Brow Tint is a coloured brow tint for tinting and defining brows with an easy-to-use brush applicator and a lightweight formula that doesn't look overdone.

Available in three shades.


Australis Tint My Brow Brow Tint


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Despite loving other australs brow products, this one missed the mark for me. Firstly, the colour range is rather limited (only three shades) and I find matching a tint is harder than it is with a pencil for example, as you can use different strokes/pressures etc to personalise the colouring. Furthermore the applicator is just too big, and make application a little difficult. Sharp defined brows are in, and it is almost impossible to achieve this look with this product. I wouldn't recommend this product.
This product is super affordable, it has an easy application and is good for every day use. Sets your hairs in place as well as gives a bit more pigment to make them appear less sparse. I use it go over my eyebrows after filling them in, and it tends to stay on longer throughout the day too. This is a really great product, you can either use it alone or to set your other brow products. Amazing product for the price and is an Aussie brand. The product is applied via a small little mascara like brush which you literally brush onto your eyebrows. The product lasts all day and the hairs stay in place. I applied 2 coats. I can't think of anything to fault. It's super simple, maybe the only thing is the precision when painting the end of your brows, but that's easily fixed and not a big deal.
As a blonde, sometimes my brows need a bit of help to make them look darker and thicker. I saw the Australis Tiny my Brow on sale and decided to give it a try on my brows.   It comes in a small plastic tube that looks a lot like a lip gloss, but then you unscrew the lid. The applicator is a spoolie and you swipe the product onto your brows. The spoolie is big and easy to use. I prefer to go lightly when applying so my brows do not look too heavy or overdone. The product darkens my brows temporarily and makes them look thicker and fuller. It dries quickly and does not smudge.   Australis’ brow tint is cheap and does the job. Probably the best thing about this product is really how simply it is to use. It darkens, and shapes brows at the same time. No need to fiddle and fuss around with a brow pencil and then blend the brows back into place. Great little bargain beauty item.
I agree with the post above. The wand is too big, and found that I had to blot off my before applying. It  also appeared a bit reddish on brow (this would be ok if that's the look you were going for) I much prefer Model Co more brows, but thought I'd try for the price.
I usually don’t spend too much time on my brows, so when I came across the Australis brow tint I immediately bought it. According to the Australis website, it claims to tint, define & control the brows. This sounded too good to be true…and sadly, it was. Firstly, the brush is far too big for precise application (similar to a traditional mascara brush), the formula did not provide any hold, and once applied it didn’t set and appeared ‘wet’ looking. Lastly, the colour range is quite limited (with only 3 to choose from), and as someone with light, cool-toned hair, there isn’t a good colour match for me. While it is affordable ($10.49), easily accessible and often on sale, I would not recommend this to anyone. Instead, you would be better of trying the ModelCo More Brows or the Benefit Gimme Brow.
A great brow tint. Nice color balance. Limited choice of colour. Wish the brow wand can be much smaller for it to reach pointy tips of the end brow.