Australis Tiny Tip Eyeliner Pen

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Australis Tiny Tip Eyeliner Pen is a liquid eyeliner with a tiny tip applicator for creating a precise line. The full pigment black formula is waterproof and long-lasting with a slight shine.


Australis Tiny Tip Eyeliner Pen


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The felt tip on this eyeliner is the perfect size - just small enough to apply either a thin or build it up to a thick wing with ease! On first application, the eyeliner provides quite an opaque black and matte black finish and looks just as amazing as any higher end matte black eyeliners but a quarter of the price! However, the major downside of the product is its lasting power. The liner begins to fade after a couple hours of wear, so it ends up looking more grey than black by the 4 hour mark! It also smudges easily if rubbing the eye and I’ve noticed it very easily transfers onto the top of my eyelid, especially if it’s a hotter day. I’d recommend it as a cheap alternative if you’re only going to be wearing it for only a few hours but if you want something more durable or if you live in warmer environments, this would probably not be the ideal eyeliner for you.  
Love! It's super black and easy to apply! Australis is an Aussie brand too which is important to me to support local!  PRO: easy to use and cheap to purchase CON: set it with a light eye shadow so you don't end up with panda eyes!  TIP: easy to keep in your handbag for emergencies!
I use eyeliner most days, and while I do have some preferred brands, I am always trying to uncover a new budget liquid eyeliner that is the one. I was intrigued by the Australis Tiny Tip Eyeliner Pen, and so I gave it a try.   The Australis Tiny Tip Eyeliner Pen is a liquid eyeliner pen with a felt tip. Like the name suggests it has a super tiny tip for eyeliner. The tiny tip is fairly firm.  I found this super tiny tip and the fact that was firm, made it one of the easier eyeliner I have used. This made applying my eyeliner precisely a breeze. Very handy for the morning when I am still half asleep but have to get ready for the day.   The eyeliner takes a few moments to dry so there is a bit of waiting time for that and if you rush it you will end up with smudges. On the positive side to this, if you make a mistake since it doesn’t dry immediately it’s very quick and easy to wipe off and fix. When I first started using this eyeliner, I noticed it would smudge or transfer easily. To prevent this, I use an eyeshadow primer first and then I don’t have this problem.   This eyeliner applies as a dark matte black, rather than a glossy finish. This eyeliner lasts for about 4 hours before it starts to fade. When it fades, it does so evenly.     The packaging is sleek and cute. So easy to travel around all day for touch ups if needed.   I would recommend this Australis eyeliner to those wanting a budget friendly a matte eyeliner, that’s easy to work with.     Pros: - budget friendly - sleek packaging - lasts for around 4 hours. - easy to apply.   Cons: - can dry out quickly. - need to wait for the eyeliner to dry or it will smudge.   Tips: - use an eyeshadow primer to prevent smudging, and it makes the eyeliner lasts throughout the whole day.