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Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Cream is a highly pigmented lip colour with a matte finish. The creamy long-lasting formula glides on easily for a velvety look with intense, full coverage colour.

Available in 23 shades.


Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Cream


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For the last few years I have worn the Australis cosmetics Velourlips matte lip cream in the shade Phenom-penh nearly every single working day! As my skin is so pale, naturally my lips are too! The Phenom- Penh is perfect for adding a natural pop of colour to my lips without looking too OTT! Yesterday I picked up the shade Byron Bae to add to my collection and it’s a gorgeous light pinky mauve colour! These lippie‘s go on creamy, are long lasting and are super pigmented! The only bad thing about these are they can be a little drying at times but I just pop some Nivea hydro care over the top and it honestly feels perfect! I love these products and will continue buying them in the future! I picked these up from @bigwaustralia for $5.25 each as Australis had 50% off all products!
These were my absolute favorite matte lipstick, before I knew any better. Now I can’t imagine wearing them, the consistancy is stodgy and thick, more like a cream than a liquid lipstick. The formula is super drying and flakes off during the day. The only positive it that they’re super pigemented and true to colour. Since discovering other brands, I’ll never go back.
I found these extremely drying, patchy and flaky. The formula shriveled up my lips and made them look aged. They also started peeling once the lipstick wore off (ungracefully) and was in desperate need of a lip balm! The plus side is that they're really pigmented, but they crack almost instantly. I wouldn't recommend them, unfortunately.
As previous reviewers have mentioned, the colour is what determines whether this product is a hit or miss. The darker colours are beautiful - long lasting, highly pigmented, and comfortable on the lips. On the other hand the lighter colours are awful; they look chalky, feel far more drying, flake easily, and settle in to all the lines on your lips. Unfortunately, these are not my favourite formula for liquid lip products, I never reach for my Velourlips, favouring other products that are more flattering and comfortable to wear.
It can be a hit or miss with this product depending on the shade that you end up getting. I noticed that the darker colours e.g. reds and plums all apply beautifully on the lips and provides really opaque coverage. On the other hand, the lighter colour e.g. the light pinks are always too chalky and streaky. I would recommend testing them out at the chemist or pharmacy just make sure that the colour you choose has a good consistency to it. However, when the formula is right, it is so on point. The staying power is amazing. I wore the red to dinner and it did not lose it's colour at all even till the end of the night. Of course this means that it makes removing it is a bit more difficult however I would prefer that than having to reapply my lip colour after hour.
Amazing for a long lasting effect and amazing to do dramatic makeup art with but also great for the night time. It is matte but does not crack your lips and is pretty for dramatic and going out looks. It is long lasting/kiss proof, affordable and smells amazing on your lips!
I have a love/hate relationship with these lip crèmes.  I love the matte formula that doesn’t budge, the light whipped mousse consistency, the berry taste, the ease of application and the big colour range.  I hate how they are inconsistent between colours.  Some like Mi-a-mee,Ro-ma and Bar-tha-lona are lovely, but others like Hon-o-loo-loo, Ho-chee-min.Pa-ree and Lun-dun are streaky, patchy and chalky.  Too much hit and miss for my liking, I am not purchasing these again once they have finished. The deeper shades seem to have the better formulation, the paler shade scan be patchy and streaky.
Love love love this product! I have been looking for a matt lipstick that lasts for a long time, well girls this one lasts, in fact all day, it glides on, doesn't dry your lips, doesn't flake & a great price. WOW. THIS IS ONE ALL DAY 'N' NIGHT BABE IN A TUBE . Well done Australis you have made my year. 
This product was one of the first items I purchased when I discovered an interest in makeup, and I have continued to use this product for a few years now.   The product has a cult following amongst the makeup scene, and it is easy to see why. The lip cream is easy to use, highly pigmented, and most importantly affordable.   The product is definitely a cream, but applies nicely with the applicator. You only need one coat of this product because it is so pigmented. Once dried the lip cream is definitely matte.   The lip cream can be worn alone, but I find that it a little drying after a while. I try to make sure my lips are well hydrated prior to application and apply a nice balm over the top if I feel they are getting dry, as the product can flake a little if this happens.   Another positive of this product is the large range of colours available, 23 to be exact. I have used a few different colours, including ny-cee, mal-i-boo, ro-ma,bar-tha-lona, and shang-hi!  Each colour has performed to equally high standards. The lip cream lasts hours, through both light eating and drinking. I find I only have to re-apply once throughout the night if I wear this product out.   The product does not stain my lips, and removes easily with makeup remover.   Given the price and large colour range I would definitely recommend this product to people of all makeup skills/experience.   PROS: range of colours, easy to apply, high pigment, matte, long wearing, affordable. CONS: can dry/flake on dehydrated lips. TIP: exfoliate lips thoroughly prior to use.
I love these for an affordable tube of cheap-and-cheerful happiness. I really like the fresh fruity scent, and the colour range is to be commended - you'd be hard pressed to not find a colour that works for your needs, be it everyday, special event or even for a costume. They are long wearing, and provided your lips are in good shape (and you use a primer) they'll last for hours. I do find them drying after continuous wear, and they do cling to any dry patches or skin on the lips, but you'd be hard pressed to find a matte liquid lipstick that isn't at this end of the market. I also like to use them as lipliners with a fine lip brush. The biggest con for me, however, is the inconsistency between shades. I have nearly a dozen of these babies now, and maybe it's down to batches and ages of the product rather than formulation differences in shades, but they are certainly not all created equally. I also randomly love the colour names. The fact that they're named after places is a nice touch, and is a great way to remember if you already have a shade when browsing. Much easier to remember London or Mumbai than a Number or shade description!
Love love love! This product so many fabulous colours to choose from lengthy wear.  Only issue is (with almost all matte lippies) it does dry out the lips. But nothing a bit of balm before applying wont keep in check! 
I love this product! It does the job of staying on all night while still being hydrating and not feeling cracked. I liked touching it up a bit, especially around the corners of my mouth, but that's to be expected. I have the red shade 'ny-cee', and it is so intense I just LOVE IT! Would definitely recommend especially considering the price when comparing other matte lip creams/lipsticks that can be $25+. It does the job for a great price and I love the idea of supporting an Australian brand. Overall, I can't wait to get my hands on some more of the colours once they stop being sold out!
This has a cult following and for good reason. The Australis Velourlips lip cream gives me matte colour with a good coverage and lasting power. The applicator is easy to use and I can fill in any areas with another layer to build up on the colour if required. The lip colour applies creamy and then becomes matte, which is perfect if you want a true matte lip colour.  I have used this lip colour on its own and also by applying a lip balm underneath. For me, the lip balm works well to hold in the colour and also allows the colour to last longer on my lips without fading or flaking away. If I use it on it's own, it can be slightly drying, only the slightest, so when I use it on it's own, I make sure I fill in all areas of my lips to ensure even application.   I actually like the way this lip colour feels on my lips. It does not dry out or feel tight, but I feels like there is something matte and not creamy glossy on my lips. There are a variety of shades available which should suit any skin tone and personal preferences. The colour lasts for a few hours for me, until I eat or drink something and then it's still there, but slightly faded and reapplication is needed, which I don't mind since this happens with most lip colours on me. Pros: -easy to apply, colour is buildable, great range of very pretty and versatile colours Cons: -can be slightly drying on some days, so use a lip balm underneath Tips: -exfoliate your lips before using this lip colour so that it has more staying power and gives a true matte finish result Recommendation: -this matte lip colour would suit anyone who wants a dependable true matte lip intensity which lasts and provides good colour
I personally love my Australis Velourlips Matte lip cream ! I purchased mine from Big W while checking out the various lip products and the large array of colours drew me to the brand. I have the shade Pa-ree. The lip cream comes in a clear tube with the colour visible and a black lid. The product has a really nice scent, which I adore, that also disappears once the product dries. Honestly, all you need is one application and the product lasts ALL DAY! It feels really creamy and is easy to apply but dries matte shortly after. I eat, drink and enjoy my day without having to worry about my lip colour coming off. Pro’s *The lip cream applies easily and once it becomes matte, it does not feel dry on the lips *The product has never flaked on my lips like other more drying matte lip products *The colour really does last all day *The cream is not tested on animals *Comes in a large range of colours so you are sure to find one to suit Con’s *Zero Tip *A lot of the shades are similar to higher end brands, only they're cheaper and in my experience a lot better quality. So I would recommend browsing through these ones first! Overall *This lip cream is my favourite. I am totally satisfied with this lip cream and cannot wait to add a few more shades to my collection!