Balenciaga Florabotanica EDP

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Balenciaga Florabotanica EDP is a bewitching fragrance from the botanical gardens of Balenciaga, featuring notes of Turkish rose, carnation, wild mint, hemp leaves, vetiver roots and white amber. It is inspired by the woman who is beautiful but dangerous like many rare botanical flowers.

Price above is for 50mL. Also available in 30mL and 100mL.


Balenciaga Florabotanica EDP


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A fresh and floral fragrance with an intriguing bottle, the Balenciaga Florabotanica perfume is feminine yet mature and makes you feel as though you are in a garden.  It has notes of Rose and carnation which add the floral element and mint which gives it that freshness. It also has amber which gives it a bit of warmth as well and together the notes blend beautifully with each other.
Well, first of all, I fell in love with the bottle when I saw it displayed at Myer, then when I tried it, I knew it’s just made for me! Love it so much. It’ bold, not to sweet, powerful scent that last and last.  It’s beautifully made for an adventurous woman, like me. Just perfect! 
I have had this perfume in my collection for a few years now and it is one I always come back to. From time to time when I am going through a phase with another fragrance, I smell this on someone and think, what is that?! It has long been a day time staple for me and I will always come back to it. Strong and sweet at first it tones down to powdery wearable haze that will carry you through the day. It smells expensive. It is not a fun floral, more a serious grown up scent without sacrificing the soft femininity that floral fragrance lovers covet.
This is a delightful green floral perfume that smells a little strong initially but dries down to a gorgeous soft floral. A very unique fragrance with a top note of mint, middle notes of rose, carnation and cannabis and a base note of amber. This is a winter fragrance for me. In summer I find the green notes stay around too long whereas in the cooler months I smell mainly the floral with the warmth of amber.
This was a birthday gift last week and I absolutely love it ... even more than I love the Balenciaga Paris! It oozes sophistication and sensuality with the scent being exactly like flowers dusted with herbs and kissed with amber. Classy and not sweet ... the perfect floral for the adult nose.
I love this perfume so much, it is my new go to! I was given it as a gift, and now it is the only perfume I will use. The smell is amazing, so exotic, floral and fresh. I like that it isn't too heavy, but the scent is still bold and lasts well. 
Love this fragrance and everyone always comments when it is worn. Soft, light, floral fragrance that is not overpowering or sickly sweet. It lasts beautifully during the day. Florabotanica will definitely become your signature fragrance.
Florabotanica is one of my favorite fragrances it is a very green floral fragrance that can be quite overwhelming to start with.It soon settles on the skin and this is when the scent of mint and roses comes through and it becomes soft and refreshing .Definitely a scent to get noticed in ,an unusual distinctive fragrance.
This perfume smells expensive, in the sense that it smells floral, but not overpowering or artificial. It's a light fresh, almost sweet very light musk, with a freshness and lightness to it. I think it's more of a warmer months fragrance because it's airy, floral, but had a whispy crispness to it. I think that's why it smells expensive to me, it's so light, clean, and floral. Smelling it makes me smile.  I recommend this perfume for all ages who want a soft feminine scent with notes of floral and pure clean under tones. 
This smells like the Balenciaga store. Every time my friend wears this I always stand next to her to get a whiff because she smells like she's bathed in a real bouquet of flowers. None of this fake floral scent- this fragrance is the real deal! For the girl who likes to smell quite natural and fresh. Is definitely on my wish list!