Balenciaga Florabotanica Rollerball

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Balenciaga Florabotanica Rollerball is a travel-friendly oil fragrance dispensed through rollerball featuring the Balenciaga Florabotanica EDP fragrance. It is inspired by the woman who is beautiful but dangerous like many rare botanical flowers, with notes of Turkish rose, carnation, wild mint, hemp leaves, vetiver and white amber.


Balenciaga Florabotanica Rollerball


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Such a beautiful scent !  Love having a rollerball fragrance on hand for on the go, it doesn’t take up much space in my bag and I have it at the ready all the time. The  rollerball fragrance is very affordable as the bottles are a fair bit more expensive so if you are wanting to try this products I recommend purchasing this first. The fragrance lasted all day and stayed smelling amazing had so many compliments!  I highly recommend trying this product ! 
This is such an exotic scent, absolutely divine, im addicted. Exotic floral, its fresh, sexy and wild. I love the turkish roseand wild amber, its musky and delicious. I love a rollerball fragrance as it dosnet take up much room in my handbag or makeup case and the handy rollerball means no mess or spillage and its easy to use. I adore balenciaga and this is a truly luxe scent that is hard to go by. This scent comes at a great price, very affordable and its packaged so prettily. The fragrance lasts really well, I can still smell it at the end of the day and it wont irritate skin, its a little like an oil. This is a winner for me and I highly recommend it.
I love this perfume so much, I have used it for years. The scent is so exotic, floral and fresh. It is my go to perfume, and I absolutely love that it comes in this perfect travel size! The rollerball is so easy to use, and the scent of the perfume lasts all day. I think this is very reasonably priced and I would definitely recommend!
One of my favourite a perfect travel sized form. I fell for Florabotanica the instant i smelt it....a heady mix of floral pretty and woods sexy (thanks to the amber) that is spring in a bottle.This form is a slightly more concentrated form (more an oil) of the EDT,so it lasts for hours without re-applying (convenient for drinks after work or an unexpected dinner invite),but if you do wish to refresh the scent,this is the perfect size to tuck into the smallest of bags (or carry on luggage).This is the perfect "trial" size to see if you love the fragrance before you shell out for a full size bottle (plus it is the best method to apply to avoid wastage.....rollerball).Oh yes,as Christmas is coming,how about this as a stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift for under $30 ? TIP:Sensitive skin that reacts to perfume ? Apply to your bra straps to allow the scent to envelop you (without the burning,itching feeling) all day.