Balenciaga Rosabotanica EDP

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Balenciaga Rosabotanica EDP is an enchanting fragrance from the botanical gardens of Balenciaga, featuring green rose and milky fig leaves, with heart notes of experimental rose, citrus and white amber.

Price above is for 50mL. Also available in 100mL.


Balenciaga Rosabotanica EDP


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Love Balenciaga, such a luxury fragrance house and this gorgeous floral scent is just divine. I was lucky enough to receive this as a gift and love it. Its so feminine, not overpowering and the scent lingers all day. it smells like a gorgeous rose garden with exotic amber for a little spice and a hint of zingy fresh citrus. The packaging is modern and divine, so edgy yet pretty at the same time, a great addition to my dressing table. Rosabotanica is not too sweet or sickly and its obvious its a high class fragrance, it smells like spring and makes me feel happy just by wearing it. This fragrance makes a lovely gift as its so pretty. Love love love it and highly recommend it.
"Rosabotanica" is a unique and acquired scent that either puts you off or makes you fall madly in love. Despite its name, it does not smell like a bunch of roses, but rather a not-too-sweet mix of fruits and flowers. It's hard to pinpoint the exact scents that are combined to create this lovely fragrance, but there are hints of spice and wood that blend together seamlessly to create this beautiful, more masculine fragrance. I discovered it after spending far too long searching the fragrance department of Myer. I had spent so much time trying out these overly sweet scents that I did not feel drawn to at all. I had almost given up hope when the lovely retail assistant pointed out this gorgeous clear bottle decorated with brightly coloured flowers and a black and white striped lid. The bottle instantly caught my eye, and the scent blew me away. I felt like it was wrong not to buy it, especially as it was on sale, so I purchased it and never once regretted it.  The scent lingers as long as it needs to, evolving throughout the day as it wears off.  I love this unique scent and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a beautiful and peculiar fragrance.  
The first Balenciaga perfume I fell in love with was Florabotanica, so when its sister Rosabotanica came out, I was excited to try it, expecting (from the name) to be engulfed in the delicious fragrance of roses. Because of this expectation, I was extremely disappointed with my first experience of this perfume. Instead of the sweet royal rose garden scent I anticipated, I caught a massive whiff of rainforest - wet wood and dewy leaves mixed with clumps of fresh soil. It’s not a pretty, feminine scent, but seems quite masculine and reminds me of a forest-scented air refreshener. There are traces of spices with a peppery kick, but at the same time I can smell light floral tones that save it from becoming too heavy and woodsy. After a while, the rainforest scent transitions into Botanical garden with a slightly more prominent floral fragrance, which is beautiful and fresh. After my initial disappointment, I decided I liked Rosabotanica for its unique scent that transports you to another place, and for its subtle sweetness that isn't overpowering or sickly. The complexity of this perfume is lovely, and it is definitely different to anything else I own. It's not my everyday pick, but it is a beautiful and fresh choice for Spring.  The bottle is chic and contemporary - an elegant black and white top reminiscent of Parisian high fashion, with bold and abstract-looking flowers on the glass. The colour and design remind me of an expensive runway dress, definitely a standout on the shelf that caught my eye instantly.  Being an EDP, the longevity isn't amazing, but I think it lasts a good 4 hours on your skin, longer if you spray a little on your clothing or hair. Rosabotanica is not super intense or overpowering, so I have no problem spraying some onto my clothing for all-day wear. My favourite place is the collar of my shirt, where I can smell the fragrance easily when I move around.    I feel like this perfume is an acquired taste - it's neither a fruity and sweet girly scent, nor a rich warming sultry fragrance. Rather, it's fresh and clean and green. Funnily enough, Rosabotanica smells less of roses than Florabotanica, which is a much sweeter scent. It may not be for everyone based on its unique fragrance, so I would strongly recommend trying this perfume before purchasing it. But if you like woodsy leafy smells or subdued floral scents, Rosabotanica is well worth a try.