Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel

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Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel is a unique oil-based gel moisturiser designed for dry skin. Dry Skin Gel has the intense hydrating power of an oil delivered in an easily absorbed gel, for locked in, lasting moisture.

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Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel


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Sticky gel.

During my last pregnancy, I was using the Bio-Oil and this dry skin gel to help prevent stretch marks and keep my skin moisturised. Whilst the oil was really easy to use, I wasn't a fan of this gel. It didn't absorb quickly and was sticky. I would only use it on a patch of really dry skin after having a shower and then let it air dry but I wouldn't recommend it on a bigger area like the belly and boobs. The small size of the gel makes it good to take along a trip and not mess with the oil bottle, so that is one positive side of this product.

Cn be greasy if applied too much.

This is a more intense formula then the bio oil . It can be a bit greasy if you apply too much. It does not have a heavy fragrance . I had dry heels and I used this product before going to bed. In the morning I saw it had made my bedsheets oily . But it made my heels soft and supple. My husband loves to lather on this product in winter as he tells me it relieves the itchiness from dry skin. During winter I slather these on my hands and it helps to prevent dry cuticles or splits on my hands due to dry skin. Not sure if it is a petroleum based gel.

perfect for winter

I don't have extra dry skin to start off with, but i want the extra care for my skin in winter period. I have finished the 100ml, and come back to buy a bigger tub. I use this on massaging on my chest and body each day after shower. so smooth and perfect for winter days. The texture is oil based gel, like jelly and is pretty lightweight. It absorbs fairly fast on my skin since i am massaging with it. Feels moist after using this. It is quite greasy and oily so i wouldn't recommend to put it on face.