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Bio-Oil Skincare Oil Natural is formulated with 100% natural ingredients that help improve the appearance of stretch marks, scars and uneven skin tone. Skincare Oil Natural's formula contains specialist plant oils, extracts and vitamin-rich ingredients selected for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties while supporting a healthy skin barrier. Formulated to be light and easily absorbed, the all-natural formula is skin soothing and helps to prevent moisture loss.

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Bio-Oil Skincare Oil Natural


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Could not use

I was sent this product in a box of other products to try, normally I am very careful about checking all ingredients in products that I am offered for review, However unfortunately this time I did not and as it turns out Bio-oil Skincare oil Natural contains Lavender oil, which I am allergic to. And therefore I could not try this product. However, I am aware this product is raved about and loved by many, so will happily be passing this along to one of my friends who I'm sure will love using it. The packaging of this product is very basic, it doesn't grab my attention when looking at it online or in a store, but perhaps the clinical nature of the packaging appeals to some.
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Non-sticky and hydrating

I mainly use this product on my legs. This product is lightweight, hydrating and easily absorbed. The product is skin soothing and has a pleasant smell. It feels light and non-sticky on my skin. It is a great moisturiser after a warm shower. My skin feels hydrated and non-sticky. I haven’t seen much difference on my scars yet as I haven’t been consistent with the application but I look forward to continuously using it. I like that this is formulated with 100% natural ingredients with specialist plant oils extracts and vitamin rich. I experienced no irritation especially since I have sensitive skin.
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Very nourishing

I have been using this on the stretch marks on my legs for the last few weeks. I haven't found an improvement in the look of them, however they are much more hydrated, as they were very dry and they had a rough texture. Now my legs are a lot softer and smoother, which is thanks to the bio oil. It doesn't have much of a smell which is nice, however it is very greasy on my hands to apply. I try to do it after a shower, then I have to wait a while for it to dry before putting clothes on. However you only need a few drops to do a large area, it spreads very easily. It's also a great price so 1 bottle is going to last a really long time. I would highly recommend this to someone with fresh stretch marks, mine are quite old but they feel a lot better after using this. I am looking forward to reading other reviews on here to see if there are any other uses for this oil. I feel like I could use it as a moisturiser on really dry parts of my skin in winter. Highly recommend.
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Love love love

I think we've all at least heard of the Original Bio-Oil, and most of us have tried and love it, but I was excited to try this new Natural version. There is a delicate, light fragrance (with hints of lavender, rosemary and more!) and the oil is dispensed via a dropper on a squeezy bottle, meaning that unlike products that are dispensed via a pump, it is easy to use without making a mess. The oil spreads easily on my skin and is absorbed so quickly without leaving an oily mess. I've also been rubbing in the excess to my hands and it has been helping my dry cuticles immensely.
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Incredible Feel

I have been using Bio-Oil for quite some time but this new version is amazing. I have never seen it work so quickly. 

I feel like the scent is better than the previous version too. It is extremely subtle and not overpowering. I can believe how many natural oils are in this. No wonder why it feels so good on the skin. I mainly used this oil on my upper thighs but the oil is thin enough that it could be used on any part of the body. Even light enough for the face. I will continue to use this oil. What a great product!
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Amazing Natural Oil

I have been converted after trying this bio oil. Let’s face it everyone has scars from their childhood cuts and grazes, and honestly the amount of stretch marks I have on my bum and thighs I could be mistaken for a tiger. I love that this oil is so lightweight and absorbed into my skin really well. Bio-Oil Skincare Oil Natural is formulated with 100% natural ingredients that help improve the appearance of stretch marks, scars and uneven skin tone. Skincare Oil Natural's formula contains specialist plant oils, extracts and vitamin-rich ingredients selected for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties while supporting a healthy skin barrier. Formulated to be light and easily absorbed, the all-natural formula is skin soothing and helps to prevent moisture loss. I can say with regular use my scars and stretch marks are no where near as noticeable and have started to fade. I love that I am only putting natural ingredients on my body and so easy to apply. I highly recommend this bio oil and I can’t wait to see the results when I am finished using the bottle.
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A great hydrating and brightening oil

biooil is a trusted skincare brand, and the oil came in a minimalist, opaque white dropper bottle. The serum was great for dull, dry or dehydrated skin, pigmentation & dark spots, uneven texture & tone, wrinkles & loss of firmness. It was interesting to see the mix of ingredients. I felt like it really worked This serum was a great consistency, spread and absorbed nicely on my skin. I experienced no irritation, and I appreciated the fragrance-free formula without unnecessary fillers. My skin felt hydrated and had a plump on my fine lines. Overall this is a really nice serum for hydration and brightening. I was able to use it without issue even on the days my skin felt a little irritated.
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Lightweight body oil

It has been years and years since I have even tried the bio oil and don't currently use one, so was quite curious to try this new version. I will say that 'natural' and 'clean' when it comes to body and skincare really doesn't mean anything to me, if anything making me more sceptical of a product. I readily admit that I am terrible at remembering to use lotions and oils that aren't in-shower ones, but each time I have remembered to use this, it's been a really nice experience. It's a lightweight, golden oil that has a nice slip to it, applies nicely, and absorbs and dries down quickly, being hydrating and softening without feeling greasy. It has a nice subtle scent and you don't need to use much if you're only using on specific areas (arms, décolleté, etc.) I'm looking forward to continuing to use it (and actually remembering to use it) to see how my stratch marks fare, as I haven't usedbit consistently enough to comment on this yet.
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Quick-drying and softens skin

As a fan of the original bio-oil, I was curious to see how this 'natural' version compared. It didn't disappoint, despite having a completely different ingredients list. This version has a variety of plant oils and essential oils. The base of soy bean, sunflower seed and safflower oil gives a Vitamin E boost which is good for fading scars. It comes in the same minimalist packaging and the bottle dispenses a small amount at a time. The liquid is yellow in colour, unlike the original which is coral pink. The product spreads easily and feels light for an oil. There is a pleasant, natural scent that comes from a mix of chamomile, lavender, rosemary, calendula, patchoili essential oils. A little goes a long way, It isn't sticky, absorbs quickly and softens skin. I don't have any new scars or stretch marks to test if it meets claims of reducing appearances there. It definitely nourishes my skin and leaves it soft and supple. Personally I still prefer the rose scent of the original formula so I would probably go back to that for a repurchase, but performance-wise, this is just as good.
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Everyday Body oil

Bio oil is perfect everyday oil for this winter dry skin .. The amount in the bottle is very nice to go for long time.. this golden yellow colour oil is so gorgeous gives instant hydration to the dry and itchy skin .. i usually use it after shower .. gives enough moisture and relieves itchiness.. Gives a good massage and skin stay hydrated for all day .. its not a sticky oil .. gives a smooth feel ..doesnot give uncomfortable feeling under the clothes .. helps with stretch marks and reduce the appearance as well
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Hydrates and smoothes skin

This is a perfect update on the original bio oil which I have used for ages. I trialled this product for the Beaty crew review team and was very impressed. I love that this oil is all natural and contains no nasties. It won’t irritate sensitive skin and is super hydrating. It’s perfect for stretch marks and skin imperfections and makes a nice light facial oil to hydrate and prevent premature ageing. It’s a great anti ageing product, it’s light to wear and sinks straight into skin. I love this for winter when my skin becomes ultra dry as using it leaves my skin so soft and smooth. I would recommend this product

Excellent even better than the original version

I have been an avid user of BIO oil for around 14 years now. I always had a BIO oil original version bottle in hand. It has helped me from preventing stretch marks, dry skin to healing scars from scalds. Enter the new Natural Version and OMG it is even better. This is going to be a crowd pleaser for beauties who avoid synthetic oils. This has all natural oils and essential oils. Love that it has a herbal scent , very subtle scent and not an overpowering scent like their original version. It is a lightweight oil that absorbs really well into your skin. This oil has kept my body very well hydrated during winter without leaving it feeling greasy. It has helped to diminish a scar I had on my thigh from a bee sting. When the irritation caused by the bee sting healed , my skin had a brown spot. I have indian skintone and it is very prone to scarring. This oil almost made the brown spot to dissappear. So impressed with this. Now I will always buy the natural version instead of the normal version of BIO OIL. It is a staple in my house.

Bio Oil (Natural)

I was fortunate to receive the Bio Oil Skin Care Oil (Natural) thanks to beautyheavens’s Biggest Beauty Giveaway 2022 Trial. I am a big fan of the original Bio Oil and had seen that the brand hand released the natural version so was very excited to trial this. As it is now winter my skin is quite dry, after showering and drying my skin I apply a few drops of the oil to my hands and mixed it with my moisturiser. I noticed no scent, the oil mixed in well with my body moisturiser and absorbed instantly into my skin. For trialling purposes I applied it to my skin without another carrier method and found it absorbed well, it didn’t not leave my skin greasy either way making it convenient to apply and then get dressed. I found this oil to work just as well as the original making it great for those with don’t like added scents and harsh chemicals in their products the natural oil is made with an all-natural formulation of plant oils and vitamin-rich ingredients. I enjoy adding this to my moisturiser for added moisture and hydration for my skin especially in these cooler months.

Hydrates my skin

I really appreciate the packaging that this Bio-Oil comes in. I've used other oils before that come in pump bottles and all they do is drip and make a mess. This doesn't do that because it comes in a squeezable bottle with a dropper and to dispense the oil you tip the bottle and squeeze your desired amount out. The oil itself has a thin consistency and even though it's an oil it's doesn't really feel greasy like an oil to me. I like to mix a few drops of Bio-Oil in with my favourite body moisturiser and apply it to my body after a shower. It absorbs almost instantly and leaves no residue whatsoever. It does have a very light fragrance which is pleasant. Immediately after applying the Bio-Oil my skin feels so smooth, silky and very well hydrated. After using this natural Bio-Oil for a few weeks now my skin is no longer scaly or flaky in the areas it was before. Whilst I haven't yet noticed a reduction in the appearance or any scars or stretch marks that I have I'm certainly enjoying the hydrating benefits that I'm getting and it's also a really good oil to apply to the heels of your feet too as it's been keeping mine smooth and soft. Would I buy this again? Yes I would. I'm not too fussed about my stretch marks or scars. I've had them for years. I just really love how hydrating this is and my skin is loving it. I'm so thankful to have been given the opportunity to trial this as I've certainly discovered a wonderful product which my skin has benefited greatly from.

Great oil

This is absolutely amazing it's moisturising and I also found it help with stretch marks my mum used it when she was pregnant as well for stretch marks and it worked amazingly I would definitely recommend it as it's such a simple and lightweight oil but it work so well and is so effective in general. I've also found it to be extremely fast absorbing absorbs almost instantaneously after applying to the skin. In addition, the smell isn't overpowering but it still has a subtle scent which I love. I have sensitive skin and found it didn't irritate my skin as other oils have which is rare for me
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Smells sooo good

I have been using this bio oil twice a day and have found a minor difference to new stretch marks and scars, however doesn’t seems to have much affect on older ones. The best part is it does smell utterly amazing with that distinct bio oil smell. I love how it makes my skin feel very hydrated and soft. Even though it is an oil it doesn’t feel overly greasy. I constantly find myself admiring how soft my skin feels. I used this product a few months after my having my son and have recommended this products to pregnant family members
Incentivized Review

Love Bio Oil!

I am a big fan of the original Bio Oil so was keen to try the Natural version. Bio Oil natural is an amazing product that soaks into skin to provide long lasting moisture. I feel the natural version soaks in a little bit quicker than the original and it has a light, citrusy scent that is different to standard Bio Oil. After application it soaks in within about ten minutes, and leaves skin feeling moisturised and soft for up to 24 hrs. I love how smooth my skin feels when using and how it improves the overall texture. I will definitely keep using, Bio Oil is a staple for me!
Incentivized Review

A light pleasant Skincare Oil

This is a delightful light body oil that I have heard of many times, but I have never heard of the Natural version like this one. The Bio-Oil Skincare Oil was very light and hydrating when I applied it, without making my skin feel wet and oily. I used it on the stretch marks on my stomach, as well as some scars on my arm for a number of weeks. The areas definitely look like they have had a small improvement so I will keep using it to see if I can get more results. The oil is only very lightly fragranced which I liked, however the one thing I would change would be to add a pump to the bottle to make it less messy when using it.
Incentivized Review

Bio oil

I previously used bio oil over 10 years ago and haven’t tried it since. The new bio oil skin care oil is really easily absorbed into my skin and not too heavy either, which I really like! Even though it’s an oil, it is not greasy on my skin and it has a nice subtle scent which isn’t overpowering at all. It’s a lovely product, which I’ll keep on using! It’s very reasonably priced and easily available to purchase. I’m not sure on the results for healing or fading stretch marks but I’ll continue to use and see the results in the months to come!
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Versatile Skincare Staple

I love Bio-Oil, and so was very excited to try this all-natural version. It felt great on my skin, and though it feels oily out of the bottle, it absorbs quickly. I found that I could use a small amount on my face and neck for light daily moisturise, but could apply more liberally for deeper hydration in problem areas, like elbows, knees, and hands. I love that a little can go such a long way, and with regular use, I found I needed less to feel that supple hydrated skin feeling. It has a slight scent that is a bit herbal to me, but I didn't find it irritating, and it seemed to fade pretty quickly after applying. I do recommend letting it sink in well, before putting clothing over the area of application, as I did notice a little transfer if I was too hasty in getting dressed. It didn't damage or stain the clothing, just left a bit of that herbal smell.