Bioderma Cicabio Cream

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Bioderma Cicabio Cream is a healing cream that helps irritated skin repair and recover from minor wounds, cuts, burns and cosmetic procedures such as peels and microdermabrasion. The cream helps to speed up the healing process and minimises itchiness, pain sensation and scarring. 


Bioderma Cicabio Cream


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I am going to get deep and personal here for a sec,and share an experience with this product that may be helpful to some of you reading this.A few months ago,unimaginable stress from work (and life) took a massive toll on every part of my physical / mental / emotional and spiritual health were shot,and my body let me know in a massive (and very painful) way that all was really not OK....i came down with shingles.Now if you aren't aware of what that is,it is a viral affliction that causes very painful blisters on the body,and damages nerves to a point that they may not recover,and for me,it was keeping me up at night.Once the initial flare up had settled,i was left with very itchy,very sore scabs that bled when touched and would not heal...i needed help.So along with another product,i got this to help....and help it did.  Bioderma is a brand i use and know well,so when i read about this,i wanted to give it a try.The Cicabio Cream is a rich cream texture (very soothing) with a tinge of beige tint to it and no real scent, that contains resveratrol and copper that promotes the skin's healing ability (exactly what i needed),whilst Zinc prevents bacteria growth (a must have for open wound areas) and aids in healing angry skin at the same time,but possibly the most innovative active ingredient would have to be the ingredient i have never heard of before,but it quickly relieved feelings of discomfort and reduces the urge to scratch (an inbuilt "i must" feeling in my case,not unlike the need you have if you get  chickenpox,of which this is related),so this was a lifesaver at night.Another wonderful side effect was the easing of pain i had after using (the nerve pain,of course,remained very much there,BUT the pain of the scratched areas was diminished significantly enough to notice,and with that came a feeling of relief).This cream (as if it weren't great enough) claims to aid in scar i am not sure about that,as by the time i got this,the damage was done,and i do have several scars from that period that will serve as a reminder forever that my decision to change my life significantly by re-assessing everything in it was the right one,but i did notice that the angry redness calmed down within a few weeks of using this. At around $15 for 40mls of this wonder cream,i think it is more than worth the price for what it delivers,and i will never be without this product again.Since my medical need for this happened,i have used this for a few less painful scenarios...think dry,cracked hands and heels,think wind chapped lips and face,as well as post "getting a bit heavy handed" with microdermabrasion.All in all,if you have any skin issues that need some serious TLC,your bathroom should not be without this. TIP:As this is a tube (so no fingers in product to cross infect),you can share this with everyone in the house when a skin SOS is needed.