Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Hydrating Micellar Water Cleanser

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BIODERMA Hydrabio H2O Hydrating Micellar Water Cleanser is a micellar water that cleanses skin and removes make-up. The gentle formula contains micelles to capture fatty molecules such as dirt, oil and make-up, leaving skin cleansed, soothed and hydrated. It is specifically formulated for dehydrated skin.

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Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Hydrating Micellar Water Cleanser


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New favourite Micellar Water!

I have been a fan of micellar waters for awhile, but I always have found that you have to double cleanse. Well, with this micellar water I only have to wipe away my makeup once and it's all gone! As well, there is no residue (which is another reason I usually double cleanse when I use micellar waters of other brands). Bioderma has really impressed me and I am so happy I have found something that allows me more time (as I am super time poor as it is). I can now wash once and move onto my other skin steps, no double cleansing anymore for me. I have quite sensitive skin and am really loving how gentle but effective this product is. I will definitely repurchase when this runs out!
This version differs a bit from the og pink bottled sensitive version. It has fragrance. Still does not cause issues on my skin. Though I do not leave it on the skin. After spf removal and or makeup (also does not sting eyes). This blue bottled Bioderma Micellar works same and does what it is supposed to do: remove dirt off the skin. Apparently it is non  rinse formula. I still like to rinse my face after using any micellar. Great at removing spf, even the heaviest ones (4 hour water resistant). I rarely wear makeup, but when I do it is spf50, light foundation, mascara and lip something. This micellar melts all of it off. I do though go for second cleanse with my oil cleanser (or gel/foam) with foreo cleansing device, just to massage  face a bit and make sure everything is off. And pores super clean. Removes also well matte long wear lipsticks I sometimes use. With ease. Good stuff. Can not tell difference in results between pink and this version, except that this one is perfumed.
I have been using Bioderma micellar water for many years during my sensitive skin days. The micellar water is super gentle on my sensitive skin and I can use it everyday, few times a day without irritating my skin at all. I usually apply the micellar water after removing my makeup as double cleanse. Highly recommend to all skin types.
Yaaaaaassss. That is all I can say. Bioderma was the original micellar water to hit the Australian market and it is just so damn good! It has a barely there scent and is very delicate and non irritating to the skin. Soak some cotton rounds with this stuff and you will erase all traces of makeup stat! Foundation, eye shadow, mascara, eye liner etc will be gone! Often I use this stuff after I’ve cleansed with my normal cleansing products to remove the stuff that they’ve left behind. It is just so so good. For the rest of my life I’ll always have a bottle of this stuff on hand, it’s especially good when travelling or away from home as you can just use this as your one stop shop for makeup removal and for cleansing the skin of the days dirt and grime. It does it all! No need to rinse after wards either.
I use micellar water every day and although I have been more than pleased with the brands I have tried I am really happy I decided to try the BIODERMA Hydrabio H2O after reading a number of reviews.    This micellar water is packaged in a clear bottle with a blue, flip top lid which makes it easy to dispense the product.    I have mature, dry skin so it is important to me that I don’t use products that might further add to the dryness.  I also like a product that feels refreshing, and one I can use throughout the year.    I use the Bioderma Hydrabio H20 in two ways – either as a pre-cleanser to removing my makeup with a cleansing oil or balm, or as an after cleanser once I have cleansed my face.  As a pre-cleanser it removes my makeup effectively, and as an after cleanser it tones and refreshes my skin.  If I’m staying away from home for a couple of nights I just rely on the Hydrabio H20 to do a good job at cleansing my skin.     Bioderma Hydrabio H20 is gentle on my skin, is non-irritating and leaves my skin feeling hydrated.    Recommended for:  mature, dry skin.    Pros:  hydrating; non-irritating; deeply cleansing;   Cons:  None, in my opinion
I am a huge fan of Micellar Water and the ease it offers to the nightly cleansing process. Bioderma was the first Micellar Water I tried, and I was immediately a big fan. The ease of use is such a great feature.of this product. All I need to do is soak a stage cotton pad with the Micellar Water, swipe across my complexion, and watch the magic appear. I love how thoroughly cleaned my skin feels, minus any irritation, dryness, or need to double cleanse. It really is a great timesaver on nights when I'm tired and (almost) too lazy to remove my makeup - knowing I have Micellar Water on hand means I'm going to do the right thing and cleanse before bed every single night.  Out of all the new products introduced to the Australian recent years, I think Bioderma's Micellar Water has been a truly revolutionary product, and it's a product I will.continue to purchase forever and a day. It's brilliant and should be in all bathrooms!
There is a reason that the BIODERMA Hydrabio H2O is a micellar water is a cult fave. It works wonders. If you are looking for a quick cleanser and gentle makeup remover, TRY BIODERMA! This is a fragrance free micellar water. I apply some of the micellar water to some cotton pads and then wipe over my face. In one single swipe it cleanses my face and removes all of my makeup. Talk about being effective, Bioderma really gets the job done. After using this micellar water my skin is always very soft and smooth. Whenever I use Bioderma it saves me so much time cause I dont need to bother with a double cleanse or having to remove makeup before I cleanse my face. Sometimes I experience some sensitivity with my eyes with certain products, but Bioderma has no reaction at all. I trust that Bioderma will always be gentle on my skin. Sure its a lot pricier than other micellar waters on the market but if you want a micellar water that gets the job done try Bioderma. It save you valuable time and your skin will be thankful at how gentle it is. Pros - it actually feels just like water. - it is really effective. No rubbing or tugging at the skin required. - the bottle last for ages. - it has other uses are well as cleanser.
For me this will be the best micellar water brand I've used. Have been using this for 4 years now. I love that it is unscented. It has been great to cleanse and remove make up and gentle on my skin when it's sensitive and keep my skin clean & clear. It is much more expensive then others brand but I've got the big bottle and each one last me a long of time. Each time I only need to dip some on my cotton pads and gently wipe away all the impurity and make up on my skin. Great for waterproof make up as it easily slides off my skin. On the eye lid area gently pat on the cotton pad and leave it for a few second before wiping it to  The bottle it's transparent, simple and nice. Great for sharpening/ cleaning up eyeliner line with a pointy cotton bud dip with a bit of micellar water.
Bioderma's Micellar water looks like ordinary water on the outside but really it's a gentle cleanser that wipes your face clean of any makeup or dirt your face has accumulated throughout the day.   Who is this product good for:  This product is great for any type of skin but especially those who are sensitive as the solution is fragrance free and is very soothing.  It leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean without stripping your face of any moisture.  In fact, when using this product I feel like my skin has even more hydration. What does it do:  Micellar water is like a cleanser and toner in one.  It removes makeup (foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara...etc) because the micelle molecules in the water attract to the makeup and dirt like magnets which is why it always feels so easy using it.  There is no need to put pressure on the cotton ball or rub it against your skin.  The micellar water does all the work for you.  Even with waterproof eye makeup it's no problem.  And because of its gentle formula it doesn't cause any irritation or burning to my eyes.   Tips: I would recommend that if you have stubborn eye makeup, saturate the cotton wipe with the micellar water and hold it down onto your eye for around 15 seconds then wipe away.  That way the water is able to penetrate the mascara and eyeliner, effectively cleaning the area.  You can use it many different ways: -Use it to remove all your makeup -After washing your face pour some on a cotton ball and wipe over your face for double cleansing  -As a toner to rebalance the skin  -Gets rid of eye makeup without any stinging or irritation 
Great product for removing excess makeup after a long day.  My skin is super sensitive and this has never given me any problems.  I either use it on a cotton pad and wipe any residue away from my skin, or I use it like water and rub it across my skin. Especially great during the winter since it helps moisturizer my dry skin
I love how this is an easy way for me to cleanse and purify my skin. It is fine to use around my sensitive eye area and lips too.So Gentle this is an extremely fantastic product for people whom suffer with the most sensitive skin. I applied the product to a cotton pad and wiped my face, eyes and lips. No rinsing required for me, this removes all my makeup easily, including mascara, and makes my face feel super soft and refreshed. My skin looks even toned! It comes in a generous bottle size making it last a long very time. I love using this time saving product on my skin.
I never thought I would be so excited about a Micellar Water however Bioderma's product is definitely an exception. I really didn't think there would be much difference between brands, however after receiving a sample of Bioderma's micellar water in a Marie Clare parcel I am hooked - it is SO effective in removing makeup. If I am in a hurry in the morning I use this as a cleanser and only need one cotton pad for the whole face - you can see it wipe away the oils and dirt without irritating the skin. Other days when I wear makeup (i usually wear liquid foundation, powder, bronzer & mascara) I use this micellar water and it removes all of the makeup (including the water proof mascara) with ease - I usually only need one or two cotton pads (depending how heavy I apply foundation) to completely cleanse my face! Pros -Lightweight formula (as most micellar waters are) that isn't scented and is non-irritable to the skin -Super effective as a cleanser and makeup remover - it removes even the most stubborn eye makeup with only a few gentle swipes! - Packaging is nice, I like that it has a clear bottle so you can see how much is left and the cap lid makes it really easier to dispense the product onto a cotton pad - When I use it as a quick cleanser in the morning it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth Cons - I do think that it is over priced considered you can get other decent  Micellar waters for half the price, however I haven't come across any other product that is as effective is Bioderma's micellar water so I will definitely continue to purchase it! Overall this is an amazing micellar water that has no trouble in removing heavy makeup whilst remaining gentle to the skin - I have recommended this to all my friends and family and they love it too!
I was probably a little late to micellar water party but now that I have I don't think I will ever go back, thanks to this product. I have always been sceptical about using liquid formed makeup removers as I find that they can irritate my eyes. I'm glad that I gave it another shot as Bioderma are known for producing beautiful products for people with sensitive skin. A little bit goes a long way which is perfect because it is more expensive then some of the others out there. My skin never feels dry or irritated. I have de cantered mine into another bottle with a pump top lid so I don't overload my cotton pad, works a treat
When I think of micellar water the first brand that comes to mind is Bioderma.  It's the creme de la creme, the holy grail, the cult status achieving product and deservedly so. The product is so popular, apparently one is sold every 5 seconds! That fact alone is enough to make you go run out and purchase it.  The miracle water is a gift from the Gods for removing face, lip and stubborn eye makeup instantly, like magic.  Even my waterproof mascara and eyeliner is no match for this. It attracts makeup, dirt and oil like a magnet so no pulling, tugging, or rubbing and no excuses for going to bed with your makeup on!  It leaves a cooling sensation while keeping the skin dewy and hydrated.  No washing is required! I'm going to be blunt here but do yourself a favour and don't even bother using anything else because this does the job so thoroughly, it leaves no traces of makeup behind.  And not to worry for my sensitive skinned beauty gals out there.  It's fragrance free and made for those with irritable skin so it's suitable for any skin type.  As someone with acne prone, combination skin, I can attest to this.  I take it with me everywhere and it even doubles as a toner, removing impurities and keeping the skin fresh.  Seriously, who doesn't love a multi-tasking beauty product? I have gone through at least 5 bottles with no signs of stopping.
I am a Micellar Water convert!!!! I had seen Micellar Water advertised but hadn't gotten around to trying it. But now that I have, I wish I had tried it sooner! The first time I used it was after using cleanser on a day that I hadn't worn makeup and I was shocked & stunned at how much dirt came away on my cotton ball. The next day I used it on a day of wearing makeup after using cleanser and it removed the foundation residue completely. My skin felt a lot softer after using it so I am keen to see further results with constant use.  
Hands down the best micellar water. Nothing else compares or does the job quiet right, when compared to this one
My Holy Grail Micellar Water! I've tried the micellar waters of many different brands, and thought I'd found one I loved.... until I tried this. Bioderma have outdone themselves with this super-effective formula. It effortlessly removes my makeup without pulling at my skin. It's so gentle. It leaves my skin feeling soft, nourished and clean, without any trace of a foamy film, like some other micellar waters leave behind. I love this one, and believe it's well worth the extra dollars for the results it gives compared to its competitors. Amazing stuff!
Bioderma is well known to be the company to officially make THE first micellar water product, and have been doing so for 20 years without fail. I was gifted this recently and while I've tried many cheaper alternatives of micellar waters on the market, I really didn't think that the brand of micellar would actually make a difference. After all, it is basically tiny oil particles (micelles) suspended in water. But for some crazy reason these Bioderma micelles are incredibly good at attracting and removing dirt, impurities and makeup from the skin. I don't know how Bioderma have made this water so darn good and much better than others but I am hooked anyway! Packaging: The clean, fresh packaging just screams French sophistication to me. And the blue theme also reflects is respect for water and moisturising properties. The flip top cap and dispenser also make applying this to a cotton pad a super easy and clean process. Formula: There isn't too much to say of the formula in terms of consistency and scent - because it feels and smells like actual water. I love this about the micellar water, it not so heavily fragranced and makes it seem like you are putting something totally pure on your face. Even though it contains tiny oil particles, you can't actually feel them or see them, it's like a total surprise. The formula doesn't irritate my skin or my eyes like some other makeup removers have, nor leave any residue on my face whatsoever. You can really get a sense that whatever this product is doing in terms of removing impurities, it's doing it really gently and respecting your skins properties and needs. The formula isn't drying either - again something I've experienced with regular makeup removers. Application: I regularly use this after my daily cleanser instead of a toner and find it fits my needs perfectly. Usually, after cleansing I will have a black cloud makeup around my eye area that water didn't remove (I don't use a cleanser on my eyes) and I use this micellar water not only to eliminate this leftover makeup, but to also wipe over my face and clean up any excess product on my face. The thing that really sets this micellar water apart from other alternatives is the ease of use and efficiency at getting rid of excess eye makeup. It even removes waterproof mascara or stubborn makeup without the need for dragging over my delicate eye area, where the skin is the thinnest. For easier makeup residue, I will just gently swipe a cotton pad with micellar water over my eye area and it removes it pretty darn easily without any dragging or rubbing. For waterproof mascara or stubborn stains, I use it by putting soaked cotton pads over my eyes and leaving them sitting on there for about a minute before I wipe them slowly and gently over my eyes and gets rid of all traces. My eye area health is of extreme importance to me and I am always conscious of the mechanical action around my eyes so the fact that I don't have to rub the micellar water pads roughly over my eyes makes this Bioderma Micellar Water a league above the competitors. Another way I use it is in the morning before I head off my lab for work. Instead of cleansing - which always makes me overproduce sebum, I just swipe it over my skin as a refresher and cleansing agent to remove any impurities I've accumulated from sleep - especially if my pillowcases are due for a clean. It's also super effective in cleaning up any makeup messes, and I make a few of them! It's especially useful in cleaning up crisp lines of winged eyeliner or any mascara messes, just soak a cotton tip ear cleaner in it and you get a really precise point to clean up any lines or patches. Final verdict: As I said, I really didn't think there would be too much of a difference between brands of micellar water but boy was I wrong - this micellar water exceeded all my expectations gained from previous usage of other micellar products. The reason why I think this will be a cult favourite as the original micellar water is that it is so much more effective than the others on the market and doesn't require any heavy mechanical action to assist in removing makeup and impurities, it does it all on its own! Other brands have tried to copy this formula but I don't think they anywhere near it just yet! Yes the price is a deal more expensive than the competitors but you know you are paying for a quality product.
This product is well deserving of the hype it has gotten.  It is so gentle, kind to skin, and removes all traces of makeup.  I love using it when I'm wearing a full face of full coverage makeup.  It's the best micellar water that I have tried.  You also get quite a lot of product which is fantastic.  It's unscented and kind to sensitive skin.  Love this!
This micellar water is a cult favourite for a reason! I use this first to take off my makeup before following up with a cleanser. I put a little bit of the water onto a cotton pad and run it over my face - I usually use 2 cotton pads damp with micellar water to take my makeup off. This micellar water just dissolves my makeup with ease - I never have to follow up with a second makeup remover to get any last bits of make up off. That's impressive because when I wear make up I wear a full face - foundation, concealer, setting powder, blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, prow pomade, brow gel, and lipstick (whew that's a lot!).  I also love this micellar water because it doesn't irritate my skin or break me out (I have sensitive, acne prone skin). It also doesn't strip away the moisture from my face, which is important because I have dry skin. It just leaves my face feeling balanced and fresh. Another great thing about this water is that it doesn't sting my eyes (hallelujah!). I find that so many makeup removers sting my eyes - but this one doesn't - it's so gentle on the skin and eyes while being tough on makeup.