Bioderma Sébium Mat Control Mattifying Moisturiser

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BIODERMA Sébium Mat Control Mattifying Moisturiser is a treatment that instantly suppresses shine, improving skin quality without touch ups for eight hours. Working perfectly underneath makeup as a primer, it adopts the second skin filter, thanks to the mattifying powders and blurring agents, to visibly smooth the skin. Agaric acid (mushroom extract) tightens the pores, and salicylic acid helps to refine the skin texture by chemically exfoliating the buildup of dead skin cells. Hydrates for up to 12 hours. Suited for men and women with oily to combination skin.

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Bioderma Sébium Mat Control Mattifying Moisturiser


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I have combination skin and multiple skin conditions but this was amazing on my skin I never broke out and never had any reactions. The only downside of this product is th pricing of $30.99 but for the result it was totally worth it I could not believe that it helped my dry, irritated and sentire skin. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with problematic skin and wants a moisturiser that doesn’t react or make your skin worse. I would definitely repurchase this product!
I was immediately excited when I got an email to say I was selected to trial this product. A moisturiser that claims to reduce pores, shine and smooth dull and uneven skin? Sounded perfect for my sensitive combination skin type! The formula comes in a slim plastic tube with a nozzle applicator. Only a tiny amount of the cooling,lightweight lotion is needed to hydrate and soothe the entire face. The scent is a mild,clean fragrance that I really liked and the product seemed to absorb fast and leave my skin feeling softer,smoother and nourished without feeling heavy. I found this definitely kept shine at bay all day for me so it lived up to that claim. My skin felt beautifully soft and this product felt soothing on my sensitive skin, Unfortunately though, I had more break outs than usual while using this product so had to discontinue use after a few weeks. Unsure if it was just bad timing or if this product wasn't right for me. My skin has calmed down quite a lot since and I may give it another try this week to see how it goes but had to submit a review now and this is currently where I am at with this product, Still unsure if it is right for me but happy to have the chance to trial it!
Thanks Beauty Crew for introducing me to the Bioderma Sebium Mat Control moisturiser. It is an absolute gem especially in the spring weather when my skin is all of the place. I need hydration, but I don’t need heaps of oil and this Bioderma moisturiser works perfectly to tackle that.   It comes in a plastic tube with a screw top lid. The consistency is lightweight and it’s easy to apply. Sinking quickly into the skin, dry to touch and like I am wearing nothing but my skin is hydrated at the same time. It had a very subtle mat finish on my skin which I like. It keeps my t zone oil free for most of the day and feel super comfortable on the skin.   When applying light makeup over the top it glides on smoothly when I have this moisturiser on. My makeup stays in place longer and isn’t as patchy when I have this moisturiser underneath. It pretty much removes my need to remove a primer, so I like having less steps in my routine.    Overall this has been a great moisturiser to deal with skin when it’s in that tricky to deal with combination phase. 
I was super excited to trial a Bioderma moisturiser. It comes out as a light consistency with a very subtle scent and is easily absorbed within seconds. However, it didn't agree with my skin - perhaps from the silicone. It broke me out all over my face and dried out my skin/made it become parched and flaky. I assume the 'Mat Control' element was a bit too harsh on my normal skin. I had to discontinue use after three applications as my breakouts were getting worse, hence the short review. Once I stopped using it my skin cleared up again to where it was.
This is a fantastic moisturiser for those of us that suffer from oily or combination skin. Especially now the warmer weather is upon us. I have combination skin and find sometimes I can turn into an oil slick by the end of the day with a lot of moisturisers. This was totally different. Application was easy in a squeeze tube (which I love, I hate having to dip my hands/fingers into containers). It is a lovely light feeling cream that doesn't feel greasy and has a very slight smell. It didn't dry my skin out when applied. It actually felt lovely and soft. The best part was it provided a lovely matte base for foundations and bb creams which no other moisturiser of mine has been able to do! I would highly recommend this to anyone with oily or combination skin. It is a skin saver. Loved it!
Bioderma Sebium Mat control comes in a tube packing which I really like. It is almost fragrance free and has light weight formula. I have combination skin during this time of the year and it works very well for me. I apply it in the morning and it instantly make my skin hydrated. I use foundation over it and it provides smooth base for makeup and even my pores look smaller after applying it. Furthermore, it does not affect the longevity of my makeup and does not make my oily skin areas shine (T Zone), but still keep it moisturise. I have used it for last few weeks and it does not break me out. My skin feel fresh and hydrated after regular use. Overall, I like this moisturiser, it is little bit expensive for me but still I can easily find it on sale at local drugstore.
I have combination skin that can sometimes be sensitive, so I'm selective with the products I use. This was a great surprise! My pores definitely looked smaller / less noticeable, and it hydrated really well whilst still feeling light on my face.  I also usually don't like products that have a matte effect as some spots on my face are dry, with others oily, but this product left my skin even all over with a subtle matte effect and control of shine, but no drying out of my problem areas.  Fantastic as a makeup primer!
I have combo oily skin and an hour after applying my makeup (with primer, mind you), I have to blot away the oils from my t-zone but not with this Mat Control moisturiser. I've tried oil control moisturisers before but it usually doesn't work or if it does work, it dries out my skin, making it flake. So I was a little skeptical before trialing this product but I'm so glad I did because this product is amazing.  The moisturisers consistency is on the thicker side but it spreads easily and absorbs into the skin quickly. It has a faint fresh scent that I'm not too bothered with but I do usually prefer my skincare products to be unscented. I skip primer because the moisturiser works well as a primer on its own. Foundation goes on easily, and I set it with loose powder as usual.   An hour after makeup application, my skin still has the velvet matte finish like when I initially set my makeup. I love it because this rarely happens. I can go a good 3-4 hours without any blotting or touch ups. Even then, when my face oils surface, it is significantly less than when I don't use this mat control moisturiser. And the best part is that my skin feels hydrated, never dry, tight or taut.  My only gripe is the moisturiser doesn't have any sunscreen in it but the hot Aussie weather means I can't skip spf which I layer over the moisturser. Otherwise, this is my favourite new product for 2019, hands down!  
This moisturizer was great for my combination oily skin. It was easy to apply, absorbed well and didnt leave a greasy residue. It comes in 30ml tube with a twist off lid which is inside cardboard packaging, which is unnecessary. The texture reminds me of make up primer. Perfect size for travel d handbag
I’ve yet to meet a Bioderma product I didn’t like, so it was like Christmas having the opportunity to try this, their latest offering.  My pores are pretty small, I do tend to get a bit of hormonal acne plus the occasional shine in the T-zone so this product ticks a lot of boxes for me.  Even with already small pores, I can tell the difference this makes in their overall appearance.  It really does tighten and blur the look of pores and, for someone who tends to favour a dewy finish, I really love the velvety look I get from using this.  I’ve had no issues with using it alone or under makeup (zero pilling), it feels wonderful on my skin (not heavy, greasy, or drying) and I enjoy the mild fragrance.  Another fantastic Bioderma product that anyone would enjoy using.  I really think whatever your skin type is or whether you prefer the dewy look or matte look, this brings something to the table for everyone.  I’d trade it for my regular primer any day and I’d highly recommend it.  You really can’t go wrong with Bioderma.
I recieved this product to trial as part of the SUPERcrew. I have generally oily skin, so i was thrilled to see this is a mattifying product.  I use this as a moisturiser in the morning and it keeps my skin looking and feeling in top shape without getting oily.  I've also used this under makeup as a primer and I couldn't tell the difference compared to some of my more expensive ones which is amazing!
I was pleasantly surprised at just how much i like this moisturiser! I don't have particularly oily skin so i didn't know if this would work for me, but it's great! I like to use this after my serums of a morning and before SPF, and it is perfect- not to heavy, layers well, and is wonderful under makeup. It has a light, fresh scent and is absorbs quickly and easily. The small, slim squeeze tube would be perfect for travel or to keep in a gym bag.
I was so excited to trial this product. I have the oiliest of oily skins. Unfortunately having oily skin also means I cannot use any products containing silicones, and this product did. Whilst it did slow my oil production throughout the day, after three days I was left with breakouts across my face rendering the product useless to me :( Back to the drawing board I am afraid.
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Replying to Jayy T.Dear Jayy, We are sorry to hear the product didn’t work for your skin type and that you noticed breakouts after using it. We would love to be able to offer a replacement product that might be a better fit for your skin. Please contact us at and we will make sure we can discuss other options for your routine. Best regards, Bioderma team.
Once again, I was lucky enough to receive another product from a brilliant brand to test and review, it really is the best life a beauty loving girl can live, thanks heaps beautiful girls at Beautycrew. The latest product I tested was from Bioderma, one of the best brands, certainly best French brand, that make gentle products for even the most sensitive of skin types. And the creators of the original and very best micellar water. This time it’s a moisturiser that controls shine and oil while still remaining gentle and moisturising at the same time, got to love a good multi tasking beauty product. I’m very sensitive, redness and acne prone, yet dry at the same time so I was a little unsure about using a product that is aimed to mattify skin but I was still excited to test it out. I decided to just apply it to my tzone area of forehead, nose and chin, and then add a more moisturising and rich moisturiser to my cheeks, neck and décolletage, the best of both worlds. This moisturiser is in a handy and cute looking tube, making it very convenient and mess free. You really don’t need a lot of product at a time, and it applied quickly, easily and felt very moisturising for a matte moisturiser, a nice surprise. It can be used during the day if going makeup free, or under makeup, on the tzone area, it leaves you oil and shine free yet still with a nice, natural looking glow to skin that lasts all day long. I’ve used a few matte products over time and found them all too powdery, drying and flat looking on me, but this product is a real game changer for me. Matte, natural, oil free yet still radiant looking skin? Yes, yes and yes please. Bioderma is my all time favourite French, affordable and sensitive skin friendly, brand out there. I loved this and look forward to trying even more of their groundbreaking products. Thanks again to you beautiful Beautycrew girls for some how always knowing what products I’m going to love and need, and letting me test and review them for free, forever fulfilling my passion.
Thank you to Bioderma and BeautyCrew for this supercrew trial! I use many Biodermea products myself but have never tried the Sebium range.  I do not have oily skin and therefore did not look into this range. The moisturiser is suited to oily to combination skin type.  It comes in a flat packed inverted tube which is one of my favourite packaging for moisturisers. The lotion is light and easy to absorb. It is lightly scented but the scent is fairly subtle. I do not have a lot of shine throughout the day myself but I do feel that this moisturiser is more mattifying than others - perhaps a little too much for my skin type.  I prefer a dewy/glowy skin rather than matte skin myself.  I also feel that I need more moisturisation especially in the evening.  That said, I think this could be an excellent product for the intended skin type, or as a moisturiser for a matte makeup look.
I was already very fond of Bioderma products, and the  Bioderma Sebium Mat Control sure did a lot to impress me and cement my love for Bioderma products. The Bioderma Sebium Mat Control moisturiser has a really nice texture and applies beautifully, gliding on like a serum and providing a matte finish to your complexion. I really loved the immediate feel that this product gave to my skin, soft and velvety. The product works quite well under makeup, however I did feel that I needed to use a little more of my liquid foundation as it didn't seem to go as far on top of the moisturiser as it does with my usual primer.  By the end of the first day if putting the moisturiser to work, I was incredibly impressed. My makeup was still in place, mascara included (this almost NEVER happens) and there was zero shine, which again almost never happens due to my hormonal, acne prone, combination skin type (the joys or being nearly 30 facing the same skin issues and more since my first period). I would recommend this product for all skin types, and I am predicting that it will reach cult status by the end of Summer to keep faces looking fresh when the heat threatens to melt our makeup.
I always expect great things from Bioderma so I had high expectations for this Shine-control moisturiser and it didn't disappoint. The product comes in a tube and is 30ml of product. It doesn't really have a scent that I could notice and it is very light and almost silicone like in texture. It goes on lightly and immediately spreads evenly on my skin. There was no heaviness or stickiness. Once applied, my skin felt soft and looked fresh and smooth. It didn't clog my pores or irritate my skin. Pros: Spreadly evenly Non irritating  Gives skin a smoother finish look Cons: Price is high for the product quantity  Recommendation: This shine control moisturiser made my skin look softer and kept my face from looking too oily and shiny at the end of the day, so it should suit users of all ages and skin types. 
This is a great product!! I didn't know what to expect when I first tried it but I was pleasantly surprised. I have combination skin with an oily t-zone and when I apply the moisturiser it goes on matte but still hydrates my skin and the best part is it doesn't pill at all under sunscreen or makeup. My makeup seems to last much longer during the day which is an added bonus. Now that we're getting into the warmer months, this moisturiser will come in handy. I don't think it's hydrating enough for winter time, but it will be getting daily use for the next few months. I like the clean packaging and a little goes a long way.
I love French skincare so I was really happy to receive Sebium Mat-Control to try. This is the second Sebium product I’ve tried-I really liked the pore refiner I tried in the past, which acted as a great primer, and enjoyed using this product too. I began by using it straight after toning as a moisturiser, according to instructions. However I did find that I needed to add another richer moisturiser to my drier centre zone, around the nose and mouth, in order to feel comfortable. I did like the smooth, matte effect it gave however, so tried using it just as a primer, after deeper moisturising. I loved the smooth matte texture of my skin after a layer of Sébium Mat Control and it made an excellent base for make-up. Best of all, because it is actually a moisturiser it had none of that nasty clumping effect found with some primers. I  have been using Sébium Mat Control as a primer throughout a trip to Europe and it has worked so well.  As a moisturiser Sébium Mat Control is mainly for those with oily skin who don’t need deep hydration. It doesn’t suit someone like myself with dry skin, but luckily with its smoothing properties it still makes an excellent primer for anyone. 
I have just had a quick look at the reviews and I am quite surprised I am one of the few that are not a fan of this mattifying cream. First of all, my skin is combination to oily and at some time throughout a day my skin will start shining no matter what. I stopped using mattifying moisturisers altogether as they did not seem to work and what is worse, they seemed to make my skin look even worse. Since I respect Bioderma and have used a few other products from the line and remember quite enjoyed using them in the past I was pretty excited to give this  one a go. The packaging is light and travel friendly, the tube is plastic, can't really complain. The formula of the cream is very pleasant and has a nice smell. The cream applies well and leaves no sticky film or greasiness. However, I do feel like it sits on the skin. The first few minutes (if you are lucky hours maybe) the result is great and the skin looks even, is soft to touch, the pores seem to be less visible. While testing out this cream I decided to skip my regular primer as it was suggested that the Sebium mat control is a perfect make up base. It is true to some point. I was glad that it did not ball up underneath my faoundation. What it made foundation do was to settle in the creases and wrinkles and I did not like it. The face after the whole day look tired and a bit dehydrated, not to mention the shine in the t zone. All in all, I am not happy. I suppose it is better for a no make up days, when one wants somewhat polished look. But I do not like the feeling of it sitting on my skin. I am not sure whether it is moisturising enough. I would rather use a tissue to deal with the shine. Maybe it is better for teenagers?