Biolage Ultra Hydrasource Leave-in Cream

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Biolage Ultra Hydrasource Leave-in Cream is a lightweight cream enriched with aloe and cupuacu butter to provide ultimate moisture and definition.


Biolage Ultra Hydrasource Leave-in Cream


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Easy to use product for smooth hair :)

This product is a thick rich cream that you apply to your hair after you shampoo and condition it. I make sure to comb my hair through before and after application too. It smells nice and strong and it continues to make my hair smell divine until I next wash it a couple of days later. It makes my hair a lot less frizzy and also makes my hair feel a bit smoother too. I love that it's easy to use and comes in a tube that you can squeeze and the lip simply flips open and closed. I have used Biolage before but a very long time ago when I was a teen and my parents bought me some and had forgotten how great their products work in my hair. Definitely gonna buy this one again and again. Try it and leave a review here.