Bioré Daily Detox Toner

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Bioré Daily Detox Toner helps prevent breakouts and keep skin clear. The invigorating next step after cleansing, this unique toner is formulated with Green Tea Extract, CSO, and 2% Salicylic Acid, the maximum allowed by the FDA. A powerful anti-acne ingredient, Salicylic Acid helps break up and remove stubborn pore plugs. The toner gently detoxifies by deep cleaning pores while helping to prevent and treat breakouts, leaving skin feeling refreshed. 


Bioré Daily Detox Toner


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Fantastic Product

An excellent toner for red, pimply skin. It dries whiteheads up overnight and leaves skin calm and clarified. It has a mild fragrance but smells like any other healing toner. It is very gentle and the green tea and cannabis does a wonderful job toning down redness. I would highly recommend it for anyone suffering from pimples or redness. It is very easy to use and gives out the right amount onto a cotton pad with just one squeeze. I find Biore products work wonders for my red, sensitive skin and would recommend giving their other products a 3 step trial if you are going to use this.