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Blistex Deep Renewal is an anti-ageing lip balm that hydrates lips and contains hyaluronic-filling spheres to help give lips a fuller appearance. It contains SPF 15.


Blistex Deep Renewal


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Improves appearance and protects

This Blistex Deep Renewal lip balm truly does make lips super soft and hydrated. They are always protected from the sun as I make sure I apply this before I leave the house in the morning and reapply throughout the day because it contains SPF 15. I think that this lip balm has also improved the appearance of my lips and they look nicer. It smells nice and has a slight sweet taste to it. It does feel sticky on the lips which I love too. It lasts me quite a long time and I find it to be affordable.
As someone who has a tendency for dry lips, I love the entire blistex range. The products are affordable, reliable and easy to use. I picked up this deep renewal one just to try something a little different from the original, and I am hooked. It applies so well, hydrates the lips, and contains SPF - what more could you want from a lip balm? At $6.95 this product is a must have for your handbags ladies.
I adore blistex products and this lip balm is one of the best I have tried. This balm is super hydrating and lasts for hours. It glides on smoothly and does not feel sticky which is a lovely bonus. I love the anti ageing qualities of this balm and the fact that the addition of hyaluronic-filling spheres plumps lips which is clearly visible while still looking natural. This balm protects lips from wind and sun and is a great base under lipstick. Easy to use and budget friendly this balm is a real blistix winner. The addition of spf is great and it also repairs dry cracked lips. A great product I would highly recommend
This is an incredible lip product. For starters, it is SPF 15 which is incredible!! It is so important to protect your lips from the sun. I get very dry lips, especially when there is a change of season, and I find that this product works to protect my lips, and else helps to heal them. This product moisturises my lips so that they are aren't dry or cracked, and makes them beautiful and plump. I will always use this product!!
That moment when you sit down to write a review about a product you've been using religiously for at least a year, and you read the description and you discover it contains sunscreen. *Mind Blown* As I sit here and quietly recover, I'm reminiscing about the amount of lip gloss formulations I tried of numerous brands prior to what I believed at the time to be 'compromising' and purchasing what I thought was a product that didn't have an SPF rating. Today I learnt that I was wrong, and I couldn't be happier! I've  found that one of my favourite products is actually better than I even realised! I could've read the container, which clearly does indeed state "SPF 15" (yes, I just went to my purse to check that I'm reviewing the right product), but clearly I have never noticed that information on the packaging. I'm extremely excited to announce that this is a sunscreen containing product that doesn't taste like sunscreen. I kid you not! As stated above, I tried numerous sunscreen containing products and found that they tasted nasty. They leave an icky taste in my mouth that has had me making sour faces and odd mouth movements over the course of the day, all the while making me feel less than fabulous. Once I found this lip gloss (which tastes genuinely fantastic) I thought that maybe sunscreen in my lip gloss was overrated and I could do without; in favour of having shiny, hydrated, pleasantly flavoured lips. Look no further ladies and gentlemen: this lip gloss has the answer! Now that I've finished expressing my joy at this new discovery, let's get into what I had originally intended to express about this brilliant product. I find that this formulation is one of the most hydrating lip gloss products I've tried. I've done a lot of internet research into the best hydrating products, for instance: does a particular ingredient actually hydrate or does it simply form a barrier to prevent moisture loss? Do some of the included ingredients contribute to lip dehydration? And so on, because I was suffering from dry and cracked lips almost constantly. At the end of the day, whilst my research helped me narrow the search down, I've found that testing the products individually was the best method of finding the right product for my sore and sorry lips. I have a confession to make: I chew my lips when I'm stressed. Nice shiny (slippery?) lips helps me to avoid doing this. An added benefit for a serial Lip Biter like me is that this product tastes super yummy, so if I do inadvertently attempt to indulge in this habit absent mindedly I don't spend the next twenty minutes making those funny 'eww, that tastes gross' faces. The fact that this product is shiny and hydrating means that if I DO decide to try to chew my lip, it's virtually impossible. And if I have already made my lips all cracked and not as pretty, this product revives them quick smart. I don't wear lipstick (I prefer the natural look), and I find that this product makes my lips look healthy and shiny all the time, so if I'm out and about wanting to look my best I don't need to take extra lip make up with me. If I do decide that I would like to wear lipstick, I often put this on over the top for a glossy finish. I would recommend this product to anyone, it does a good job of restoring lips to beautiful healthy perfection and it also looks and tastes great! Not only does it protect you from dehydration and mechanical damage, it also protects you from sun damage. Five stars from me!
Cheap, effective and protective. I always have a tube of this in my handbag. It's not the prettiest package, or the yummiest flavour, but it works well and contains SPF so it's a winner. I also find this works quite well under a lipstick. I apply it thickly, then blot with a tissue to remove excess and then apply my lipstick and it makes a nice, smooth base.
Words cannot explain how grateful I was to find this product! Not too long ago I was on the acne medication Roaccutane. One of the many side effects were extremely dry lips. I'm talking cracked, bleeding the whole deal. I turned to Blistex Deep renewal after other highly rated lip balms weren't working and the fact that I needed to wear an SPF, which this product contained. I noticed however that unlike other repair balms, this one was not thick in consistency which I didn't mind, as I liked not drawing anymore attention to the area. Because of the hyaluronic-filling spheres, the lines and marks in my lips became a lot more subtle and it was no longer the first thing people looked at when i spoke to them. My lips began to look like their normal selves again. Because this product has SPF, amazing moisturisation, as well as making lines and marks a lot less obvious the Blistex deep renewal packs a triple whammy. In my experience in trying different products there was no comparison compared to this one, if you have dry or cracked lips I definitely recommend you to try this one!