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Bondi Sands Sport SPF 50+ Sunscreen Trigger Spray

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Step into the sun with confidence using Bondi Sands Sport SPF 50+ Sunscreen Trigger Spray. Our sweat resistant, Cool Motion® Technology offers high performance protection whilst allowing your skin to sweat, naturally keeping you cool and composed so you can perform at your best. Reef friendly. Fragrance free. Paraben free. Sulphate free.

Active ingredients: butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane,homosalate,octocrylene,octyl salicylate.

AUST L #: 373790


Bondi Sands Sport SPF 50+ Sunscreen Trigger Spray


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Protects from sunburn for hours

I love the spray trigger bottle of this sunscreen making it so easy to apply. The spf 50 lasts really well even after swimming. I have never burned when using this product. I love Bondi sands and this is great, great price and lasts for ages, it sinks straight in and has no nasty greasy feeling, the scent is pleasant and it feels really light and quite cooling to wear. I can wear this sunscreen for quite a while without reapplying and I love that it contains no parabens so I’m not putting chemicals onto my skin, it’s also great for anyone with sensitive skin because it never irritates. Love this product, great protection from iv rays and skin cancer and I would highly recommend it