Bourjous Slim Felt Tip Liner

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Bourjous Slim Felt Tip Liner is a liquid eyeliner that features a fine, 0.2mm felt-tip point and a pigmented black formula to create precise and defined eye looks.


Bourjous Slim Felt Tip Liner


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Bought this eyeliner during sales and after using for a month I’m afraid to admit it is not for me. The black colour is a washout black and it’s not as pigmented as I would of liked. It smudges on my eyes and I need to re-apply during the day as the colour fades.
10 Things I Hate About Bourjous Slim Felt Tip Liner I hate the way you smudge, And the way you’re a washed out black. I hate that you don’t work on slightly oily eyelids, Your price point should be pushed back. I hate that you get absorbed like a sponge, When on top of eyeshadow powder. I hate you so much I threw you out early, Because you’re performance was a downer. I hate that I don’t want to repurchase, Unless Bourjous reformulate,  I wish that I had normal to dry skin, Perhaps maybe then we would have worked great.  I hate you’re missing the wow factor, So meh above my eyeballs. But mostly I hate the way you don’t compare to other Bourjous products, Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all! 
As someone who is by no means a make-up expert, or even remotely great in its application, this is a great eye liner for me! This pen was bought for me as a gift, and all I can say is the slim feature is perfect in drawing that winged eye liner, for any occasion. Its so easy to apply and is very convenient to use (like any pen), the thin tip puts you in control of the outcome (which is sometimes dangerous in my case), and allows you to create a gorgeous look that actually lasts. In re-applying it does appear to slightly remove the eye liner, so i recommend letting it completely dry before trying to re-apply it to the eye,in that (stressful) attempt to make both eyes even.  I definitely recommend this eye liner for anyone looking for an easy to use liner that 1. assists even the most uncoordinated make up user, 2. lasts the whole night out and 3. provides a high quality finish you can be proud to walk away from the mirror with.  I will be purchasing this product for myself this time.. Happy drawing! 
Considering felt tip liners, Slim is in! This liner goes on easily and glides across my eyes in one application and gives me a smooth and creamy coverage. The colour doesn't smudge or dry out my eyes. The fine tip allows me to create a variety of looks and my favourite is a fine line on my top lid which looks pretty and natural. It is easily removed with any eye make up remover on a cotton pad. Pros: easy to hold and use, is creamy, glides on smoothly without pulling on my skin Cons: sometimes needs reapplication to make eyes stand out more Tip: use cotton pad soaked in a micellar water like Bioderma and just hold it on top of your entire eye and press firmly and that will remove this liner Recommendation: I suggest this easy glide eye liner for any beauty who wants to create a variety of looks easily with a fine tip.